‘Revenge’: the sequence of the series would show the world after a pandemic

According to TVLine, the sequence for the series “Revenge”, which was in development by ABC, did not have its pilot approved by the broadcaster.

The plot would be heavy for the current global scenario: it would involve a pandemic.

The story would follow a young Latin immigrant who arrived in Malibu to seek revenge for a pharmaceutical dynasty that “caused the death of her birth mother, the destruction of her family and a global epidemic”.

The young woman’s revenge journey is said to be guided by Nolan, a character from the original series played by Gabriel Mann.

The new series was also developed by Mike Kelley.

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After four years, “Revenge” came to an end in 2015, leaving many fans orphaned by Victoria Grayson and Emily Thorne.

Based on ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’, by Alexandre Dumas, the series had it all to please audiences and draw fans everywhere it went – read our review!

The producer talks about the last episode of the series

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