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Save this date! Tomorrow, November 16, Sony will release the long-awaited second trailer for Spider-Man: No Return Home, a film that already had high expectations due to its hero title, but ended up becoming a maniac of the advertising before its own launch. When Spider-Man: Away From Home (2019) came to an end, fans panicked when JK Simmons returned to the role of JJ Jameson, which established him in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy franchise. Until then, no one suspected the Multiverse or anything like that. The wait was only to see how they would solve the world’s problem knowing that Spider-Man was, in fact, student Peter Parker (Tom Holland). And that was enough.

Then, suddenly, rumors began to appear that Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) was in the movie, which led many fans to wonder if the movie would adapt the infamous One More Day, a comic book saga into. which Peter makes a pact with the demon Mephisto. – still him – exchanging his happy marriage to Mary Jane Watson for the life of Aunt May, who had been shot, which also has the effect of erasing people’s memories that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. In the comics, this pact was a lazy move by Marvel to undo several of the hero’s titles that were released simultaneously, as well as a crutch to “restart” his actions, allowing him to return to a more innocent and less adult approach. .

Anyway, as long as the debate was there, fine. Here is an official announcement, but less so, that Jamie Foxx’s Electro, the villain of Spider-Man 2: The Threat of Electro (2014), would be the antagonist of Tom Holland’s Peter in the third chapter of the Web Head trilogy on the MCU. At the same time, the announcement that Doctor Strange 2 would be called Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was enough to convince fans that Teioso’s third film would also be set in the multiverse and adapt the SpiderVerso. After all, if you can bring the villain, you can bring the hero too. Jamie Foxx himself hinted in his social media post that Andrew Garfield would be returning. Moments later, Kevin Feige said it was just a misunderstanding, but it was too late. Fans bought the idea.

With the confirmation that Doctor Strange would in fact be in the Spider-Man movie, the multiverse has already come true, although it has not been confirmed in the story. Then rumors started that random versions of heroes, like a Tony Stark played by Tom Cruise, started appearing online. Next, Alfred Molina was seen on film sets, bringing undisputed rumors that he would return to play Doctor Octopus. To complicate matters further, Sony released the Morbius trailer, which showed the vampire walking past a Spider-Man photo by Tobey Maguire and ended with a dialogue between the protagonist and the MCU’s vulture (Michael Keaton). Rumors were starting to speak of the formation of a Sinister Sextet.

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There were still rumors that Marvel’s new deal with Sony would bring Tom Hardy’s Venom into the MCU. And again, official sources haven’t denied the rumors, letting the theories and fan discussions generate organic publicity for the film. And it went on for many months, escalating even more with Sam Raimi’s confirmation as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, as Scott Derrickson dropped the project due to creative differences. With the man behind the Tobey trilogy and with several daily rumors that Maguire would ask for astronomical values ​​to return to the role that dedicated him, even if Marvel went public and said he wouldn’t have SpiderVerso, no one there. would believe more, because the rumors got bigger, more “tasty”, so to speak, than the movie itself.

This publicity strategy of letting rumors promote the film is a ticking time bomb, as some heavily criticized rumors ended up being confirmed by the trailer, like the Interdimensional Sinister Sextet, and others much anticipated, like the presence of the three. Spider-Men acting together, follow without any sort of confirmation. Thus, one has the feeling that it will be simply impossible to please the fans of the hero, because the buzz created around the film was so great that there will hardly remain a disappointment on the part of the audience.

Without the return of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, fans will attack with torches and stones due to a great unfulfilled expectation. If so, most Tom Holland Spider fans are going to cringe as the character will invariably suffer from even more comparisons to his predecessors. “See how Andrew is doing better?”, “I hope Tobey now teaches him how to be a hero” and comments like that will outweigh the good work of Holland, who suffers greatly from the lack of inspiration in the scripts. and the directing of Jon Watts.

And it is such an injustice to Tom Holland. Because if the film is good, they will attribute the quality to the presence of the other actors. If it’s bad, it will be because “there was only Tom Holland”. Not to mention the possibility that there really is a SpiderVerso, but with several different Tom Hollands. Either way, there doesn’t seem to be a way for the young actor not to underestimate the project due to an advertising choice made by the company behind the film.

By the way, the very presence of Doctor Strange in the movie seems to show that Sony doesn’t trust Peter of Holland to back up a solo movie. In all three hero films, he was forced to “torment” heroism, whether it was Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) trying to make him a hero or Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) lobbying and the chasing through Europe to get it. was a hero. Now, by bringing the stranger into the game, the studio is almost reaffirming the need for an external father figure to make Peter understand his responsibilities. In the comics and other films – including Captain America: Civil War (2016) – this character serves as a keepsake for Ben Parker, who ended up being sidelined from the solo trilogy.

Could it be that Spider-Man, even in a younger version, couldn’t support a movie on his own, Sony? Even more with Tom Holland, who is a very good actor? However, if the confusion in the multiverse stems from Doctor Strange’s irresponsible action in being Peter’s accomplice in a memory erasure spell, forcing Peter to mend the stupidity of the Supreme Mage, thereby securing a relationship of respect and not tutoring, it will be an appreciation of the Amigão da district. It’s high time this spider acted without someone helping him by his side, which would also be compromised if he had two more experienced Spider-Men to witness a clash against the villains.

Anyway, this Tuesday (16) there will be an official event in the United States to promote the release of the second trailer for Spider-Man: No Return Home. The date marks a month for the film’s premiere. There is a rumor that Sony will confirm the presence of the three Spiders in this trailer, thus controlling, for the first time, the expectation of the fans. The point is, this film’s box office is expected to be something colossal by film standards in the pandemic, but it probably won’t be unanimous among critics. After all, after so much speculation, how do you please and satisfy all the hype created?

Spider-Man: No Return Home premieres on December 16, 2021.

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