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Italian horror films have always been a major benchmark in the genre, whether for their vibrant photographs, striking soundtracks or brutal violence, these productions have left their mark and imprinted their identity in the industry. That is why all horror fans eagerly awaited the release of the Italian feature film “A classic horror film”, which promised not only to honor the works of masters Dario Argento (“Suspiria”), Lucio Fulci ( “Zumbi 2 – Return of the Dead ‘) and Mario Bava (‘ Mansion of Death ‘), while playing with clichés of the genre in a plot of deceptively simple.

The plot follows five travelers sharing a motorhome ride to reach a common destination. During the trip, they find themselves in accidents when trying to avoid the carcass of a dead animal on the road. Upon regaining consciousness, they find themselves in the middle of nowhere. The road they were traveling on disappears and there is only a dense, impenetrable forest and a wooden house in the middle of a clearing, dominated by a macabre cult.

When we watch the trailer for ‘A Classic Horror Film’, it’s clear that we can expect anything but the conventional. The approach is very similar to “The Secret of the Cabin,” which sold as a classic horror story set in a cabin in the woods, but the reality was quite different. This movie basically follows the same structure, however, ‘A Classic Horror Movie’ doesn’t deliver enough to keep our interest until the big hiatus, and when that does finally happen, we thought it was best if the movie actually followed. . “classic” path.

While there are some intriguing elements to the film that make us wonder what really happens in the story, it doesn’t take long for the plot to derail and lose our interest. The characters are hijacked and dispatched without too much ceremony or resistance, while the main “mystery” weakens at the cost of a brutal turnaround that completely changes our outlook on the film. This is a surprising result, but not in a positive way.

“A Classic Horror Film” brings one of the silly twists I’ve ever seen in a production like this. Besides deconstructing everything we’ve seen before, it doesn’t make sense in the overall context of the story. To make matters worse, the script is never ready to explore its own twist, and the more we think about all of its circumstances, the more ridiculous and improbable these events become.

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Matilda Lutz, who was brilliant in the violent “Vingança”, is another fatality in this production. The actress has proven to be a strong protagonist in the genre before, but she unfortunately doesn’t have enough material to stand out – although she remains one of the few bright spots in this feature film.

Many horror movies have used metalanguage to refer to the genre, but few have really pulled off this proposition. Rather than cleverly criticizing like the classic “Scream”, this film compromises its identity by investing in a patchwork of references, clichés and concepts that rest on an unfortunate twist, resulting in a disappointing horror that thinks it is. smarter than she actually is.

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