Revision | A Quiet Place 2 is as desperate as the 1st movie

I remember like today the day I saw the first ‘A Silent Place’ in theaters in 2018. It was a feeling that hadn’t been felt in a movie theater before: all the time. world in silence, letting the popcorn bite for later to enjoy the heartbreaking suspense offered by the film.

At that point, I realized that watching a horror movie or a thriller is a collective catharsis, and the great pleasure of being afraid is when you are full of people who have the same feeling. Yes, ‘A Silent Place’ was a must-see movie in all its glory.

“Um Lugar Silencioso – Part 2” will finally be released in national cinemas on July 22. The plot of the film couldn’t dialogue more with our current storyline: something is saddening planet Earth and forcing people to stay at home while battling the unknown. Seems familiar?

After the tragic events of the first film, the Abbott family (Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe) must now face the terrors of the outside world as they continue their battle for survival in silence. Forced into the unknown, they soon realize that sound-guided hunting creatures aren’t the only threat lurking along the way.

Beginning a few minutes after the end of the first film, this sequence manages to expand this universe and say a little more about the origin of the monsters through flashbacks that justify the presence of John Krasinski in the cast again. It’s very interesting the scene where we find out how the monsters ended up here, and how society was quickly destroyed with their arrival. These moments also serve to introduce the mysterious character of Cillian Murphy, who is the main addition to the cast.

The first film made silence one of the raw materials of suspense and shaped a modern fable of family love, communication and survival. I never imagined that a film with little dialogue could dialogue so much with the audience, and create the strongest possible sensations: anguish, despair, dread, suffocation and sweating.

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Setting up a spooky atmosphere and showing off what happened in the first few scenes, the sequel manages to bring together everything that worked in “A Silent Place” and elevate it to second power. We have more suspense, more action, more desperation and new characters. It’s a story that manages to tie the first film together and open the doors to a third film, which at times feels like a transitional film.

While it doesn’t bring such an innovative and original story as the first one, ‘A Silent Place – Part 2’ manages to be extremely successful at what it does, and it will certainly leave you with such an upset stomach. nervous that you accompany him, with the protagonists – who this time embark on different journeys.

We have three main arcs happening at the same time: the heart-wrenching saga of Emily Blunt’s character trying to keep her baby’s crying from attracting monsters, the character adventure of Millicent Simmonds and Cillian Murphy as they seek a safe place, and the character of Noah Jupe despair as he walks alone through the streets of the city in search of medicine. These stories intersect whenever one of them gets too tense and we need to take a breather.

The script written by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, with help from John Krasinski, fills you with excruciating tension as it unfolds slowly – but powerfully. And Krasinski shines once again as he realizes growing tension in a totally Hitchcockian way that shows just how talented the actor is behind the scenes.

With its blend of relentless tension and layered storytelling on the main family, “A Silent Place – Part 2” manages to stay almost on par with the first film, just behind the originality. However, we’re rewarded with double everything, including the desperation of silence and the angst of accompanying these characters on their stifling and dangerous journeys. Even more so now that we have experienced times so similar to theirs.

The film hits theaters on July 22.

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