Revision | At Second Sight – Netflix’s new comedy is amazing!

When you think you’ve seen it all in the cinema, the seventh art finds a way to surprise. Fortunately, in the case of ‘To Segundo Sight’ – a new comedy released on the Netflix platform – the surprise is good, and worth every minute of its duration of an hour and thirty-two.

Andrea (Iliza Shlesinger) lives in Hollywood and is a successful actress that audiences recognize on the streets. She works in stand-ups across the country, but deep down her dream is to star in movies and TV series, in addition to comedy, and about this she constantly confides in her one and best friend, Margot (Margaret Cho), owner of a bar. One day, while flying home, she meets a well-meaning little guy, Dennis (Ryan Hansen), who joins her on the flight and forms a genuine friendship with her. Time goes by and little by little Andrea realizes that the friendship she has built with Dennis is too strong, maybe even for something more.

When it comes to ‘In Segunda Vista’, there’s not much to say because one of the coolest things about this movie is being surprised by the plot twists – and, believe me, there are several. All the more reason for this movie to be a nice surprise, after all, who expects a twist in a comedic film, even more so with such a mundane synopsis like this?

Written by the protagonist herself, Iliza Shlesinger, the film is based in part on her own life, and you can kind of guess when the fiction enters the film. The script begins with Iliza herself on stage, giving the concept of the feature film, and the entire production is interspersed with scenes of her on stage recounting some of what happened to her, adding her genuinely comedic gift. In a twisted way, this stuff helps to give credibility to the viewer, because unconsciously we are made to relate character and actress to the same story, as if we were imagining the fictional part of what she is telling us.

Ibiza’s jokes come at the right time in the plot, and the actress lets go of them in a very natural way, like she’s not playing. The dialogues are fast and fluid, giving a very believable aspect to the situations. Halfway through the second arc until the start of the third, it’s completely hilarious, unpredictable, and beautifully led by the duo Iliza and Margaret Cho. The efficiency of the dynamic editing and the acidic thread of the story is also to be attributed to director Kimmy Gatewood, who managed to strike the right tone to show this story which starts from a somewhat predictable plot, but which in ‘ At Second Sight ‘wins an interesting outfit.

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‘In Second Sight’ is a comedy unlike any other, with a feminist spirit that denounces how much love vulnerability is much more biting for women, and how they must find mechanisms to protect themselves. More than that, it’s a human film that many of us can relate to, featuring a really funny actress who knows how to make people laugh without offending anyone.

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