Revision | Control Z – Season Two repeats ‘Criminal Minds’ style, but it gets tired

After the public began to welcome the conspiracies involving uncontrolled youth and teenagers in a school / college environment who have criminal issues, producers around the world searched their mailboxes to see if there was such an argument. who could be armed. Thus, streaming platforms have been invaded by films and series in this format, and so far all is well, as long as there is something different to offer. ‘Control Z’ had that difference, but in this second season, which arrives this week on Netflix, it hasn’t innovated very little.

No one at the Escola Nacional was able to get over the death of Luis (Luis Curiel) and could forgive Gerry (Patricio Gallardo) for killing him. Despite this, even though Raúl (Yankel Stevan) is revealed to be the hacker, a new Avenger appears at the school to disturb the students and divulge everyone’s secret, in case no one reveals Gerry’s whereabouts. . Fearing that another tragedy could occur, Sofia (Ana Valeria Becerril) and Javi (Michael Ronda) strengthen their friendship to together investigate who could torment the school community. However, in the name of love, many mistakes are made, and it is precisely this weak point that the avenger wants to reach in everyone who gets in his way.

From the synopsis for this second season, you can see that it takes the same formula as the first, only changing a few bits of location. This shows the little inclination of breeders Miguel García Moreno, Adriana Pelusi and Carlos Quintanilla to play with the winning team. So when you see the same sequence replaying, without bringing anything new, you feel tired.

The script refocuses the all-crime investigation on protagonist Sofia and her “Criminal Minds” style to guess what will happen – something that was interesting to see in the first season, but this time it’s overused, because the girl literally sees a pair of boots on the ground and manages to solve something that even the police were not capable of. By the way, the adult and the police are two universes that remain absent from the show, and this time it causes the weirdness, after all, not even with the kids having so much trouble, even if the adults don’t have them. do not punish, restrict their freedoms or give any other type of punishment for their actions. In reality, the young people literally dominate the few adults in the plot.

Still, there is something addicting about this series – probably not only for bringing up the crimes, but for bringing the investigative world closer together and putting young people at the center of solving such difficult problems while also dealing with teenage anecdotes. Perhaps the main apparent flaw in ‘Control Z’ is precisely the warning that the series tries to show: how reckless young people today are and seek to solve everything on their own, instead of seek specialized help, and as a result they end up sinking deeper and deeper into situations that would be reversible without the youthful stubbornness inherent in this age group.

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Anyone who enjoyed the first season of ‘Control Z’ will probably follow it until the end of this second part, because they will find the same cake recipe. Seeing the details left in the final episode, the hook for season three came out, waiting for Netflix to hit the hammer.

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