Revision | Flashback Effect – Dylan O’Brien stars in mystery-style thriller ‘The Matrix’

Darling among young audiences, Dylan O’Brien is an actor who seeks to nurture his fans with productions whose currencies somehow align, so that viewers following his career can find some synchrony with the works to which l actor is dedicated. . This is how the boy went from his role in the series ‘Teen Wolf’ to the lead role in the dystopian trilogy ‘Maze Runner’, and now reaches Brazilian audiences with the film ‘Flashback Effect’, available from that here for rental on demand on YouTube Films and Apple TV +.

At 30, with a cool job and a loving girlfriend (Hannah Gross), Fred (Dylan O’Brien) is going through an identity crisis. After meeting someone he met as a teenager, he begins having terrifying flashbacks to Cindy (Maika Monroe), a girl from his school who suddenly disappeared before class was over. So, Fred realizes that the answer to this mystery may lie in a drug called Mercury, which he and his friends were taking in school, and embarks on a journey down memory lane through the dimensions of his memory, mixing reality, fiction, dream. and nightmare.

Running for about an hour and a half, ‘Flashback Effect’ makes it look like a simple story, however, the way it is presented is somewhat confusing, and often the viewer can find themselves lost as to what it is. path. the parcel. In an attempt to bring in a vibe like ‘The Matrix’, Christopher McBride’s film (who also wrote the screenplay) continues to come and go in the timeline, constructing several possibilities for reality such as the proposition brought into the series. by ‘Loki’, however, with characters that are a bit too dark, whose sets are little presented to the viewer and, therefore, enter and exit the plot depending on how quickly the protagonist has his flashbacks or lucid moments.

A curious point is to see Dylan O’Brien play the part of himself at thirty, in the present, and come back to play a seventeen-year-old teenager, with the same face. Watching this film, we see that it is time for him to start addressing his work to an audience a little closer to his current age, as his physical maturity is quite shifted when he introduces himself as a teenager.

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Despite an interesting concept, it lacked a bit of spice in the final design of ‘Flashback Effect’. The protagonist’s apathy somehow infects the secondary characters, causing some annoyance in those who watch them. Every time the story goes one way, the plot goes there and undoes what has just been presented and reconsiders a new path; although this is an interesting gimmick, using this feature too much in this movie ends up being tiring.

Based on a flashy concept, ‘Flashback Effect’ mixes thriller with mystery and a healthy dose of sci-fi, led by a familiar face in all three genres. It is an interesting film, which could have been more than what it presents, but which manages to spark the imagination of the viewer.

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