Revision | Ghostbusters: Beyond is the PERFECT sequel the franchise deserves!

It was 1984. Hollywood invented the absurd and haunting story of a group of unemployed people who, in the heart of New York, saved the city from an incredible infestation of… ghosts! The story went so well that more than thirty years have passed and the public is still clamoring for the ‘Ghostbusters’ franchise. After an eponymous streak off the curve in 2016, which had a strong comedic bias, ‘Ghostbusters: But Além’ hits Brazilian theaters on the 18th, which is, without a doubt, the perfect streak this franchise deserved – and that the fans were so expecting to see!

Callie (Carrie Coon) is the mother of Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) and Phoebe (Mckeena Grace). When she learns that she is going to be evicted and that at the same time her father dies in a small country town, Callie doesn’t think twice and moves with the children to the dilapidated house her father left behind. she. Once there, they discover that the legacy Dr. Egon (Harold Ramis) left for the family is more than an abandoned farm and a strange reputation, and, slowly, Phoebe – with the help of her new friend, Podcast (Logan Kim), and his new teacher, Mr. Grooberson (Paul Rudd) – and Trevor will realize that their grandfather was not the monster the town thought, and that the legacy of ” Ghostbusters’ still runs through the veins of the family.

Forget the 2016 movie: “Ghostbusters: Beyond” is the movie that actually and literally passes the baton to a new cast who, with great skill and charisma, has managed to receive the enormous responsibility of leading the franchise into a new one. audience, and they did it with a lot of skill. The children’s duo who carry the film – Mckeena Grace and Logan Kim – are wonderful, just between seriousness and humor, with a chemistry that easily convinces the two of them to be great friends. Mckeena doesn’t flinch in any scene, as though she was born into a franchise before her own birth, and eerily similar to Egon’s antics.

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Gil Kenan, Jason Reitman and Dan Aykroyd’s screenplay is a gift for fans and a delight for the kids arriving now, stuffed with pop culture references from today and yesterday, as well as new little creatures. which, yes, will do. want to spend the money you don’t have just to buy the new dolls that will be released. Approximately two hours long, Jason Reitman’s film finds a space to pay homage to horror classics, from Stephen King to “Chucky,” in addition to reclaiming the raw aesthetic of 1980s visual effects. Just for fun ; at the same time, it mixes a current pop cast with new faces and special appearances that will rock the audience in the chair.

Lucky for us, ‘Ghostbusters: Beyond’ is a great movie! A fun adventure, with hints of trashy horror and phantasmagoria, led by a gang that has honored the legacy they inherited in a surprisingly thrilling story – don’t be surprised if a few tears run down your face at the end. It’s the right chapter to reboot the franchise for future generations, leaving two post-credit scenes that will have us eagerly awaiting the next sequels.

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