Revision | Inside the Devil’s Mind – Amazon Prime unleashes psychological TERROR over possession

The subject of demonic possession has already given rise to dozens – if not hundreds – of film productions, notably those produced by the United States. Although the subject seems exhausted, every now and then a movie or series brings a different element that makes the subject look slightly new. This is the case with ‘In the Mind of the Devil’, a new Amazon Prime horror that recently arrived for subscribers of the platform.

Carly (Carly Pope) is an independent woman who wishes to leave a traumatic episode of her teenage years in the past. However, when Martin (Chris William Martin), a friend from his youth, reappears at the scene claiming to have met Carly’s mother, Angela (Nathalie Boltt) at a laboratory research clinic and that she is in a coma, calling daughter, Carly realizes that her past will never leave her alone until she tries to put an end to her affair with her mother herself, so she has to go to the clinic for, more than listen, tell some truths to his own mother.

In about an hour and forty, ‘Na Mente do Demônio’ brings a weak story with good solutions for the production. Filmed in secret in Canada during the coronavirus pandemic, it is interesting to observe the alternatives found for scenes that contained more than one character (almost always outside) or, when there was more than one person in the scene, how the special effects took care of distorting the backgrounds and edges to make the definitions more neutral, so that it didn’t look so much like CGI. It’s a pretty smart production solution.

Written and directed by Neill Blomkamp, ​​the premise of ‘In the Devil’s Mind’ is more interesting than the result. By placing the protagonist as a puppet in the devil’s plans and forcing him to communicate with his mother through innovative and market-tested technology – a kind of insertion into the thoughts of a person in a coma, to so that the visitor literally enters the memory and interacts with the person virtually on the intangible plane of the mind – the film awakens the imagination of the viewer, however, this incentive device does not yield results given the turn of the story. intrigue developed by the screenplay that distorts everything that has been constructed, only to fall back into the same realm of demonic possession films. It would have been more interesting to accept a different proposal and stick to it until the end.

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With very few horror scenes – and despite the demonic possession argument – “In the Mind of the Demon” is a film that isn’t scary in any of the scenes that feature the fear of jumping, however, it has a premise. interesting science fiction that leaves room for good speculation. It’s not the best option of its kind on Amazon Prime, but it may arouse the curiosity of those who love stories with possible technologies to develop in our reality.

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