Revision | Love Life: Anna Kendrick stars delightful anthology romantic comedy series

The heartaches of love life and a young woman’s journey of self-discovery over the years take on an anthologically authentic air present in the new original HBO Max series, Love Life. Here, instead of a wide array of independent stories – as we’ve seen so well in the American Crime Story, American Horror Story, and Black Mirror formats – we have the same story unfolding in front of the audience. Only here, the timeline dictates the pace of events in the episodes that explore crucial gaps in Darby’s (Anna Kendrick) life. And under a passionate and haunting atmosphere a la Modern Love (from Prime Video), the new series produced by Paul Feig (Mission Godmother of the Marriage) is a delight and makes a bittersweet and haunting mix of humor and drama.

Created by Sam Boyd and Bill Gallagher, Love Life was naturally made for lovers of romantic comedy. With its narrative perspective always shifting towards a more dramatic bias, the series hits its delightful pace, which balances its density nicely with touches of laughter that permeate the plot from start to finish. With sweet reflections on love life beyond a relationship, the series is captivating precisely because it addresses love in all its aspects, whether with friends or family.

With each episode inviting the public to take stock of their own life, the dramamedia is dynamic and knows how to use its screen time with rhythm, delivering chapters of about half an hour that allow to deepen the ailments, the traumas and perceptions. by Darby. And here, Anna Kendrick brings all of her charisma present in films like The Perfect Choice and A Little Favor to a very identifiable character, who directs all the frustration of her family into rather nefarious and degrading relationships.

Making an honest analysis, but still with a touch of romance in the air, the series explores how social contexts and people are able to transform our view of life and the world – prompting us to recall crucial moments that have taken place. helped define us. Passing through the public eye in the blink of an eye, Love Life always has a good story in every episode and knows how to connect the dots lightly and naturally.

Always upbeat and uplifting, the anthology series brings together a supporting cast that helps support protagonist Darby, with her little stories still orbiting her. Love Life always manages to renew itself with a non-linear narrative that is not afraid to start with its end, certain that far more precious than fate is the whole process of transformation that takes us there.

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