Revision | Major Grom vs. Dr. Plague – Russian Netflix Superhero Movie is a “V for Vendetta” BETTER than Marvel Movies

Over the past decade, the seventh art has been taken over by a superhero movie style that, in addition to superpowers, essentially relied on enough special and visual effects to make the adventures of the characters look impossible. Much of that effort was spearheaded by Marvel Productions, which came to release three new films a year at its peak. Contrary to Stan Lee’s corporate formula, Netflix’s Russian film “Major Grom against Dr. Pest” offers an electrifying and completely new story for Brazilian audiences.

Igor Grom (Tikhon Zhiznevskiy) is a St. Petersburg police major who goes to great lengths to stop thieves, even if to do so he has to destroy half the city and put his own job in jeopardy. In one of them, he ends up being “punished” for working with a newcomer who has just arrived at the police station. Then a wave of barbaric crimes begins to take hold of the city and, on his own, Major Grom will attempt to find out who the bizarre figure behind the so-called Dr. Plague, responsible for the crimes, is, and for that he will count on the unexpected help of investigative journalist and YouTuber Yulia Pchelkina (Lyubov Aksyonova) and billionaire and tech philanthropist Sergei Razumosvkiy (Sergei Goroshko).

Based on the Bubble Comics, “Major Grom vs. Dr. Plague” is a movie that has everything superhero fans love: gripping story, lots of action, fight scenes, absurd situations , a very bad villain, a state of the art, a clever, starless protagonist, and a social motivation that the viewer can relate to. In the case of Oleg Trofim’s production, the clash between villain and hero falls under the same motto as “V for Vendetta”: justice done with their own hands against the powerful, rich and corrupt of the city who harm. to the social development of the people. Through Dr Pest’s arguments we are forced to agree with his discontent just as V felt the same revolt against the corrupt Londoners. Very current.

Vladimir Besedin, Evgeny Eronin and Artyom Gabrelyanov create a dynamic storyline full of twists and turns, starting from the not at all boring everyday life of the protagonist, inserting crime episodes as if we were watching a series and working the auxiliary characters as we go along. plot evolves. In just over two hours we are introduced to the very busy world of Major Grom, who doesn’t even have superpowers, but has strength, stubbornness and is very, very attractive, so things work out for him and we buy this idea that the guy is just a bam bam bam period.

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With a soundtrack, good special effects, compelling performances, unexpected twists, a ‘Game of Thrones’ opening cinematic and even two post-credits (which gives hope for possible sequels),’ Major Grom vs. . Dr. Pest ‘is a much better hero movie than most Marvel and DC productions of recent years, including’ Wonder Woman: 1984 ‘,’ Hawk and the Winter Soldier ‘and’ Loki ‘. Hello!

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