Revision | Mission Cupid – Brazilian Indie Comedy Starring Victor Lamoglia So Messed Up It Makes You Laugh

In theory, when an actor or actress reaches a certain level in their artistic career, they hardly ever revert to more experimental roles – roles that are commonly played early in their career, when they want to accumulate work for themselves. develop and gain contacts. Although unlikely, this is exactly one of the pleasant surprises of the national comedy ‘Missão Cupido’, which arrives in Brazilian cinemas this week on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

Miguel (Lucas Salles) has just died and has turned into a Guardian Angel. He’s tasked with looking after Rita (Isabella Santoni) when she’s still a baby, but, without patience, he somehow curses her, saying that she will have a closed heart and won’t be fooled by anyone. However, 25 years have passed and Rita is unable to lovingly engage with anyone. Because of this, Miguel is punished by the President (Rafael Infante) – who is like the God of Heaven – to return to Earth and correct the plight of the young woman’s heart, but along the way he will have to overcome the duel with Death (Agatha Moreira). Fortunately, he has the help of the angel Rafael (Victor Lamoglia) and the hilarious Cherub with an Italian accent (Daniel Curi).

Written, directed and produced by Rodrigo Bittencourt (whose last film was “Real – The Plan Behind the Story”), “Missão Cupido” is a film that has a somewhat independent look on a low budget, but with a well-known cast. . – who also has special appearances by Guta Stresser and Kiko Mascarenhas. Added to this is a simple argument already explored in cinemas (for example, in Leandro Hassum’s comedy “O Amor das Trabalho” or in the canceled Netflix series “Ninguém Tá Olhar”, which also stars Victor Lamoglia in the role of an angel), but greatly improved with a simplified editing full of special effects, which transforms the scene transitions as if it were a comic book.

Full of references from the pop universe, ‘Missão Cupido’ does not hide the audience it wants to reach: the young adult, in the age group of its characters, who grew up in an old world and who, of one way or another, have problems with themselves. It’s even fun to find references in the movie, such as the character aesthetic Morte (inspired by Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”); in the words of the president, who created ‘Kill Bill’ and ‘The Godfather’; in the conflict and in the style edition “Scott Pilgrim Against the World” and so on. This is the kind of film that would be shown at the midnight screening of a film festival.

If, on the one hand, there is comedy in the production, it drops every time the character of Rita enters the scene. With her passive-aggressive manner of being, she is a protagonist for whom the viewer cannot feel any empathy or root for her happy ending, not least because her arguments for being who she is are neither convincing nor justified.

But what matters is that ‘Missão Cupido’ is a comedy for which nothing is given and ends up being surprised by the simplicity of the production. There are scenes so messed up and crass that we really laugh. It’s a pleasant surprise hitting theaters for the nerdy young adult to laugh and have fun without compromise.

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