Revision | Sex / Life – Netflix Launches Much Spicier Series Than “Fifty Shades of Gray”

Since the release of the book “Fifty Shades of Gray” (and its subsequent film adaptations), the entertainment industry has grappled with the urgency of delivering a highly profitable but controversial part of the same industry: Burning Stories, Destined to the adult public. , centered on the theme “sex”. Since then, productions of this type have become more frequent, in different formats, the most recent being Netflix’s hot series “Sex / Life”.

Billie (Sarah Shahi) is a young mother of two and stays home full time, breastfeeding her baby and looking after her oldest son, who is going to school for the first time. Married to the loving and successful Cooper (Mike Vogel), Billie begins to feel dissatisfied with her current life, as before becoming this model wife, she was a smart and promising psychology teacher by day and enjoyed every show at night. from New York with her best friend Sasha (Margaret Odette) and her then-boyfriend, trendy music producer Brad (Adam Demos). Amid the struggle between the nostalgic aspirations of her old life and the comforts of her current life, Billie begins to keep a journal, and so the past and present begin to merge into her routine.

Created by Stacy Rukeyser, ‘Sex / Life’ is divided into eight episodes lasting forty to fifty minutes. The plot is also broken down into two formats: Billie’s current life, with her perfect but lackluster life, and her flashbacks from the past, with the steamy sexual adventures she had with Brad. This is probably one of the main issues with the series, as the two cores have very different aesthetics and rhythms from each other. Billie’s gift is so boring it makes you want to speed up the show, as the protagonist has such a submissive lifestyle that even when she tries to make things better things really do get better – given the hor-ro-ro-so the habit that the husband buys for her to go out, or the totally compassionate way in which she submits to the role of “home” as if it were a task at hand, out of step with his own will. She also doesn’t look like the clever flashback college professor.

What really saves the show is Billie’s – or, more specifically, Brad’s past. The build of this nasty nasty boyfriend with an irresistible sex appeal and a strong Australian accent immediately pushes us to take his side. There is nothing about a husband that makes him interesting other than the fact that he is a good guy. By the way, Brad is better at everything, and even Cooper agrees with that: there’s a hilarious scene at the start of the third episode where there’s a frontal nude from Adam Demos in which the penis of the actor literally appears, and it’s so, so big. , which seems to be half a meter long… soft! Seriously, it’s hilarious. These are the scenes that you repeat a thousand times because you don’t believe what you saw.

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‘Sex / Life’ is a dramatically crappy, cheesy series, but with scenes so hot, searing, that we watch it just to warm it up. There are so many of them, and so varied, that it doesn’t even sound like Netflix. For those looking to spice up the relationship (or be self-satisfied), here’s the tip.

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