Revision | Shiva Baby – When the tragic finds its balance in comics

Available on the MUBI platform, Shiva Baby shows us secrets, families, lies. All kinds of drama rush into the realm of surprises, into almost unimaginable encounters, as well as unresolved situations in the recent past of a young woman in great conflict when she decides to go with her parents to a reunion. traditional after a funeral, part of the Jewish tradition. The confrontation with her way of life that she came from, those traditions of her Jewish family, turns rebellious and it seems we follow the climax, from the first scene to the events in a series of embarrassing situations that follow one another in droves. added to an eminent failure in their already frustrated attempts at unlimited freedom. A great movie, written and directed by filmmaker Emma Seligman, one of the best available to stream here in Brazil.

In the plot, we meet Danielle (Rachel Sennott), a young woman who prostitutes herself without her parents’ knowledge. One day, she decides to accompany her parents (who have always played for her) to the after-funeral of a friend of the Jewish family to which she belongs. On this day, which is a meeting in a house, he ends up rediscovering old loves, conflicts with his parents because of his goals in life, suspicious looks of acquaintances and a surprise related to his life in prostitution. . On the verge of reaching an emotional attack, we discover all the weaknesses and inconsistencies that come with the complex protagonist. It is somewhat reminiscent, even with many differences, of the equally great British comedy Death at the Funeral.

We seem to be looking through the keyhole into the protagonist’s emotional field, credit for a sharp script and a detailed lens from Seligman. There is also a balance between the tragic and the comic. The protagonist seeks his freedom to be someone ahead of his time. But he makes the mistake, because of his immaturity, of not seeking to develop alternatives to his inconsistencies, as if he were only in orbit of his impulses forgetting the vital complements for a balance of happiness and dedication. .

Imminent conflicts, weight on the conscience, search in the desperation to excel, to aim for perfection through the lie, elements which will obviously bring the character to an emotional limit, almost a turning point in his life. There is a search for recognition on the part of their parents, but involved in many lies and an uncontrolled focus on what they want out of life, outside of the imaginary gag that is put in place, which is evident when it is. there is no way out on how to resolve all the situations that are out of your control before you. Shiva Baby presents a complex storyline of emotional upheaval, combined with a certain atmosphere of tension, a movie that every psychologist should watch, as well as anyone who likes a good story, a good movie. Angry!

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