Revision | Spiral – The Legacy of Mortal Games – Franchise spin-off is more of a police investigation than a horror

If you’ve made it this far in the ‘Saws’ franchise (after 8 films in 17 years), you’ve probably enjoyed the original feature film proposition: a film that put random people who didn’t know each other in a situation of confinement, in which they would have to fight for their lives no matter what, even if it meant torturing, maiming or even killing their boyfriend. All of this, of course, orchestrated by the famous Jigsaw, which has haunted viewers’ imaginations for so long. So, after what should have been the end of the franchise, now arrives in Brazilian cinemas ‘Espiral – The Legacy of Mortal Games’, the franchise spin-off which, instead of following the streak, simply takes everything , put it in a bag and move on.

Detective Zeke (Chris Rock) is a simple and unloved cop in his department. Part of this animosity is due to his father, Marcus Banks (Samuel L. Jackson), having been the bam bam of the NYPD; in part this is because Zeke has reported a corrupt colleague to the authorities in the past. Even because of this, delegate Angie (Marisol Nichols) assigns her a new partner, William (Max Minghella), at the same time as a strange murder case appears in the city subway, and everything suggests that Jigsaw would be back to active. ..

Written by Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg, the film’s script follows a formula of detective thriller that’s been seen – and even better worked on – in shows like ‘CSI’ or ‘Criminal Minds’: Part of a Protagonist, Hated Researcher. in his environment, which needs to seek his redemption and the solution of the matter in an intrinsic way in order to illuminate his dark life. But the way it was incorporated into the storyline of “The Spiral – The Legacy of the Deadly Games” is what makes the difference: a tedious and incredible way to list the factors in Darren Lynn Bousman’s film.

The protagonist’s drama isn’t convincing, and Chris Rock sets an even more boring tone for his character, who is an obnoxious little guy. Here is the whole police department, which seems to have been set up in favor of this officer, with the sheriff touching his head and having less force than him. We move on to the assassin, who was slightly inspired by Jigsaw, but in reality it has nothing to do with the philosophy of the franchise. Finally, the only good thing about the film is Samuel L. Jackson’s acting – as always, a hit. Other than that, even the torture scenes are not worth it, as they are few in number, out of place and out of place.

In fact, “Spiral – The Legacy of Mortal Games” promises one thing and delivers another. Taking advantage of the strong name of the franchise, it seeks, with it, to woo fans of this type of film, however, it delivers a weak crime thriller and almost nothing in horror, which generates disappointments.

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