Revision | Venice – Falabella and great actors show us the way to dreams

The fables of distant dreams. New work under the direction of the complete artist Miguel Falabella, Venice, has the fable, the novel, the novel as a story, it’s light, pleasant, there is almost no tension. This aspect even exists, but it seems to remain as a background for feelings, the fruit of inconsistency, in the arrival of the climax through dreams. This dream is better than living for a lot of characters because they imagine the future so much that they fall prey to these dreams, but who says they can’t be realized? As a conductor in the staging, Falllabella, does not forget to pass brilliantly through the techniques of art, the beauty of the sensual without being offensive, do not forget to go through the circus, the theatrical scenes, dramaturgy and the whole universe created by these arts. From a dream, we are taken on a magical, deep and magnificent journey. Besides the great Brazilian artists, the feature film stars Carmen Maura, one of the greatest Spanish actresses in history, with several works with the famous director Pedro Almodóvar.

In the plot, with a screenplay by the director himself, based on Jorge Accame’s play by Venecia, we meet Gringa (Carmen Maura), a Spanish lady who has a brothel inside Brazil that is today hui mainly headed by Rita (Dira Paes). Gringa is at the peak of her old age, already blind and sick, she has a unique and unusual desire: to go to Venice to see if she can get forgiveness from a man she abandoned many years ago. So, seeking to make the brothel owner’s wish come true, Rita joins Tonho (Eduardo Moscovis), Jerusa (Danielle Winits), Madalena (Carol Castro) and the rest of the team to make that wish come true.

Pretend meets play, there is more emotion than any reason. Memories take emotional contours through Gringa, the driving force behind the story. Several doors open, the context of reality in the “terror” of the word affection, the indecipherable universe of sexual fantasies, the objective truth that love is priceless, when it touches reality, we let’s see the tragedy, the fear, the doubts and disappointments. The characters are formidable, they seem to be dreaming of the same dream of a gringa arriving very close, very close, to the city which floats on the water.

How many romantic movies do we watch each year? Are they all the same? Not even! Is a second chance for the same love possible? Why not? Within a sexist universe, the delicacy of finding the reasons for emotions is still a merit of Falabella and her co-director Hsu Chien, whose main objective is to make us believe, too, in the dream. And how good it is to dream!

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