Revision | We’ll Be Well – Stellan Skargard stars touching drama portraying Norway at Oscar 2021

How much love is left when all else is about to end? How much affection and affection can be saved, rekindled, when all the fights and disagreements are reduced in the face of a tragic news that changes the whole configuration of a family? These are the questions that drive the feature film ‘We’ll Be Well’, the nomination of Norway for a place at the 2021 Oscar and which reaches the Brazilian public this month via on-demand rental platforms but also on Amazon Prime and Apple TV +.

Anja (Andrea Bræin Hovig) is a renowned artist and choreographer, who has just resumed her career with the debut of her new show. When she returns home, she suddenly feels bad and makes an appointment with a specialist, certain that it will be nothing and that she will be fine for the next vacation. However, when the doctor calls her with the test results and tells her that Anja has advanced, incurable cancer and will only have a few months to live, Anja will rethink her life and relationship with Tomas (Stellan Skarsgård ), a man she has lived with for years but is not yet married. Was all this time together, sharing a life, worth it, when Tomas spent most of his time doing his own work and spending little time with the little children he has with Anja?

In just over two hours of production, in ‘Ficaremos Bem’, the viewer is invited to think about the route, not the destination. That is, the film proposes to think not about the finiteness of life or the impact that a disease like cancer has on families, but how we should live our days when we do not have an expiration date fixed in our destiny.

In a very simple and coherent way, Maria Sodahl’s screenplay seeks to portray the daily angst, challenges and insecurities of a person with cancer, who rethinks their choices, successes and mistakes in life and tries , one way or another, to do well what does not look good, but not always with a certain delicacy. Inspired by the personal life of Maria Sodahl, who also directs the film, one of the most interesting things about “We’ll Be Well” is the fact that all of the doctors who appear in the film are real doctors, not actors.

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The main couple manage to convey the issue of uncertainty exactly, with Stellan Skarsgård well in his role as the man who elicits dual feelings in the viewer, both loving and neglectful for so long – the kind of guy easily recognizable in many families. Focusing its story on the unexpected bad news – after all, no one intends to find out about cancer on Christmas Eve – ‘We’ll Be Well’ is a dramatic and thoughtful film, which does not feature solutions, but rather a path of thinking how much what matters to us in life is hardly ever really important, and that we only realize the value of things when we are on the verge of losing them.

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