Revision | Who will stay with Mario? – A delicious national comedy about the many ways to love

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, it is normal for Brazilian cinemas to be inundated with productions that tackle the theme of romantic relationships. However, these films are almost always composed by straight protagonists, forming the couple “man and woman living happily ever after”. Here’s when good news hits the big screen this year: the national comedy “Who’s gonna stay with Mário?”

Mário (Daniel Rocha) is in love with her boyfriend, Nando (Felipe Abib), with whom he has lived in Rio de Janeiro for four years. But he must return to his hometown, inside Rio Grande do Sul, to tell his father, Antônio (Zé Victor Castiel), and his family that he is gay. But when he does, his brother, Vicente (Rômulo Arantes Neto) steals the show and hires a coach, Ana (Letícia Lima), to help revitalize the family brewery. Confusion sometimes sets in when Mário’s friends decide not to let things go on the cheap and decide to intervene for their friend’s love interest.

Borrowing the title from the famous’ 90s romantic comedy, “Who’s Gonna Get Mary?” – which launched Cameron Diaz’s career internationally – the national comedy’s proposal is to rethink the formula of the classic romantic comedy and bring it up to date for the 2021s. Two or more women, the Hsu Chien’s feature film opens up the range of possibilities and brings to the viewer the multiple possibilities of love.

For this, the script of Stella Miranda, Luís Salém and Rafael Campos Rocha focuses all of its attention on building the protagonist Mário – his world and his dilemmas – so that all the elements of the plot surround this character, sometimes winning the space to develop. , Sometimes not. The female characters, for example, don’t evolve much in the plot – the sister (Elisa Pinheiro) has her motto inserted into the plot as if she suddenly remembers her; Ana is an aggressive and imposing character who does not captivate the viewer; the only well put together is Nany People, wonderful on stage – unlike the male characters, who are actually the center of the production and manage to have a more elaborate evolutionary arc. The male cast is therefore formidable on stage, super comfortable in the performances and actually convincing, especially the trio Rômulo Arantes Neto, Daniel Rocha and Felipe Abib.

The cool “Who’s going to have Mário?” This is how the film shows how homophobia and prejudice are transmitted culturally in our society – no wonder the film is set in the southern region of the country, so concerned with conveying an appearance of masculinity. It takes courage to face the homophobia that is taught and naturalized, and the film brings that fighting force in a very gentle and didactic way, whether through a powerful song by Pabllo Vittar, which says “it takes courage. to love “, or because it shows that everything is not dual: there are, yes, multiple ways of loving and being happy, beyond normativity.

“Who will stay with Mario?” Is a delicious romantic comedy for all genres.

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