Revision | Xtremo – The Netflix Action Movie has BIG fight scenes and even some fun!

Are You The Kind Of Person Who Courting was an action flick, with a lot of brawl scenes and quirks that boost the adrenaline level? So don’t waste any more time and run to see ‘Xtremo’, the release of Netflix which does not go out of the list of the most watched of the platform.

It all starts with Lucero (Oscar Jaenada), who is back in Barcelona and wants to take care of his dad’s shady business. For this, he begins a huge massacre of enemies, which traps his half-brother, Max (Teo García) and his sister María (Andrea Duro), who are forced into hiding. Two years have passed and now Max and María are ready to carry out their revenge plan against Lucero and take back control of the company, but strangely their paths cross with Leo (Oscar Casas), a young drug trafficker. drug.

If we are to be completely honest, the story of ‘Xtremo’ is really weak. Not only weak, but cliché, with the right to Russian enemies and a fight between brothers over the inheritance of his father. So far, all is well, after all, nobody (or almost) is looking for an action film for the story, so the original idea of ​​the protagonist Teo García, scripted by Ivan Ledesma and Genaro Rodriguez, while the he dramatized plot leaves something to be desired.

But since what really matters in an action movie is precisely the action itself, ‘Xtremo’ brings that in a lot. The fight scenes are extremely choreographed, with the right to some poetry in the photography – with smoky backgrounds, a stage, lights to set the mood, etc. Teo García hits his opponents for real and goes to great lengths to entertain the spectator, even if it means fighting with tools from a car garage, with the right to kill an enemy using a wall screw! How not to have fun with a scene like this?

To fill the plot of his film, director Daniel Benmayor uses several elements to pay homage to those who have walked the path of action films over the years, and he does not hide it in his production. Thus, it is easily identifiable – either because the characters themselves mention it, or because of the insertion of objects in the scene – the references used in the film, such as Japanese martial arts (with the combat mat , the katana and the aesthetic style of the antagonist Lucero), the physical similarity of the actors with some references of the genre (Luis Zahera, Urquiza, has a very Steven Seagal style, and the hero Max, a bit like Wolverine) and the direct references to Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and company.

In short, “Xtremo” is a great action movie with everything fans of the genre want to find: convincing fights, little use of weapons, rough men devoid of emotions, a human protagonist we can. identify us and even a funny villain who laughs in the face of danger. Pure entertainment!

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