Reynaldo Gianecchini leaves Globo and will be in the 2nd season of ‘Hello, Verônica’, on Netflix

According to Metrópoles, Reynaldo Gianecchini ended his contract with Globo after 20 years of partnership and signed an agreement with Netflix.

The star will debut on the streaming platform in style, having been added to the cast of Season 2 of the famous “Good Morning Veronica”.

As of yet, the reason the star quit the network has not been revealed.

For those who don’t remember, his last job at Globo dates back to 2019, when he played Regis, the villain of ‘A Dona do Pedaço’.

Before the end of the contract, he was even selected for the 2nd season of the controversial “Secret Truths”, but negotiations did not move forward.

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Raphael Montes, author of the eponymous book, creator and writer of the series, commented: “It’s thrilling to see audiences embrace a suspenseful series that gives voice to such important and current themes. When a story is born out of literature and reaches millions of people thanks to the incredible work of a team, the sense of accomplishment is overwhelming. As the creator of the series, I hope that Veronica’s story touches more and more people. And I can say that, in the second season, Verô will face a villain even more cruel than Brandão ”.

Ilana Casoy, author of the eponymous book and writer of the series: “The second season of ‘Hello Veronica’ is coming! The Veronics who live in me are delighted to be able to tell their stories. Veronics who live outside of me now have a voice ”.

Tainá Müller, Veronica: “My happiness is immense knowing that our series has touched people, that it has sparked so much debate and that people are asking to see the rest of Veronica’s trajectory. I can’t wait to enter this second season with my head and my heart, with all of my being. Forward, Veronica!

José Henrique Fonseca, general manager of the series: “Very happy to make this second season, because this series, in addition to all the themes that caught the attention of viewers, also speaks of a libertarian woman in search of truth and of his desire “.

In the story, Tainá Muller is Veronica, a determined police officer who is determined to use all of her investigative skills to dig deeper into two intriguing cases and help victims wake up to violence and injustice.

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The series is based on the eponymous novel by Ilana Casoy and Raphael Montes.

Camila Morgado and Du Moscovis complete the cast.

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