Rock School star Kevin Clark dies at 32

Actor Kevin Clark, who played young drummer Freddy Jones in the comedy “ School of Rock ”, died Wednesday (26) at the age of 32.

Clark only took part in one movie, “School of Rock”, then became a drummer and devoted his career to music with the band Dreadwolf.

He was riding his bike at dawn on Wednesday (26), when he was hit by a truck. Kevin was taken to hospital, but died shortly thereafter.

Kevin Clarck was 12 when he recorded scenes for the character of Freddy “Spazzy McGee” Jones in the comedy starring Jack Black.

“Escola de Rock” was a huge critical and box office success, grossing $ 81.2 million in the United States and a total of $ 131 million worldwide. A sequel was in development, but Black said in 2012 that production was unlikely.

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