“Rue of Fear – Part 2: 1978”: Netflix subscribers LOVE horror sequel; Check out the reactions!

The horror ‘Rua do Medo: 1978’, the second installment of the trilogy which adapts the eponymous writings of legendary novelist RL Stine, is now available on Netflix.

The plot takes place during Camp Nightwing, split between campers and monitors who hail from thriving Sunnyside and those hail from grim Shadyside.

But when the horrors behind their cities come to life, they must unite to unravel a terrible mystery before it’s too late.

On social networks, the platform’s subscribers are praising the sequel because of the scenes even bloodier and more violent than the previous one.

The presence of Sadie Sink (“Stranger Things”) as Ziggy Berman also garnered attention, proving that she was born into the thriller / horror genre.

Check out the reactions:

Mds street of fear 1978 c’est bien mtt pic.twitter.com/rtWwkjYCxZ

– To read (@leticia__sousaa) July 9, 2021

Enjoy watching:

what a great trilogy, the street of fear is incredible, the story inexplicably involves us I loved that they managed to put everything in place in 1994 and 1978 Netflix finally knew how to deliver a good movie full of twists and turns and sensational plot, watch #RuaDoMedo pic .twitter.com / 3MzJUjoxZx

– xoxo, rich. (@heartilyfleurs) July 9, 2021

wonderful sadie runs down the street in fear 1978 wants to see her more in horror movies pic.twitter.com/DDLDXqMsBE

– trash heroine (@heroinadolixo) July 9, 2021

Sadie delivered a lot in Rua do fear 1978, very proud of our little redhead, she was perfect in every scene of the film. pic.twitter.com/CIM4NODgS6

– luca (@fcksarigg) July 9, 2021

I was almost recovering, why? Rua fears 1978 why he had to show up and now I’m crying, Netflix you had no right. pic.twitter.com/DGAOh5SA9E

– dri (@ Adriana43981487) July 9, 2021

sadie sink served it all in fear street part 2 1978 the love of my life pic.twitter.com/Fxl9HWaLfn

– angell: || black widow || 20 days for obx2 (@ilyjawreguis) July 9, 2021

I stayed until 4am waiting for Netflix to release Part 2 of Fear Street and because I’m crying 1978 just made me more anxious about 1666, I think I won’t get there until Friday when the girls will come !!!! pic.twitter.com/1zKQGnJ8nz

– SIP IT (@xxean_) July 9, 2021

Rua do Fear 1978
What a fuck movie, which is only waiting for 1666 # RuadoMedo1978 # FearStreet1978 pic.twitter.com/4KucCZNriL

– Antony_favero (@ favero26) July 10, 2021

its impossible to watch the fear of the street 1978 and not fall in love with sadie sink pic.twitter.com/yylw8rG78T

– ryvs (@lmjhaizs) July 9, 2021

Rua do Medo 1978 debut is already better than any first movie pic.twitter.com/YScv3CgZiw

– ryan (@ryanppaz) July 9, 2021

Finally, I finished ‘Rua do Medo 1978’ and… it is far superior to the first, mds Sadie Sink played perfectly with her “sister” pic.twitter.com/r88cEZN1qo

– Filipe Faustino (@NascimentoFaust) July 9, 2021

Fuck that fuck movie pqp sadie is perfect in ‘Rua do Fear 1978’ FREAKING OUT pic.twitter.com/kfatbgsxdt

– ☁︎ (@isaaccj_) July 9, 2021

I just looked at fear street 1978 and just have one thing to say i need fear street 1666 on my desk right now I’m dying of anxiety pic.twitter.com/sxLShUSro0

– Duda Freire Andrade (@ EduardaMadurei9) July 10, 2021

Whore who fucked sadie sink was a legend in fear street 1978 help what she is pic.twitter.com/uY6Vd8pTF8

– Guilherme with E:) (@CinemaGuilherme) July 10, 2021

it’s to finish rua do fear 1978 and pqp, very good, very good, VERY GOOD
(Loved the way these two posters complemented each other pic.twitter.com/boxklHd51y

– Zaël || tAwae (@eruzael) July 10, 2021

I watched the 2nd part of Fear Street 1978 (Rua do Medo 1978) and it is already considered the best mds that I liked a lot, the performance of the characters is impeccable, the plot is full of surprises and the end is the best… MDS MDS MDS I need part 3 for now #FearStreet # RuadoMedo1978 pic.twitter.com/UCaumg4L3t

– Henrique (@henrxwque) July 9, 2021

If Netflix is ​​smart, it makes a complementary street scare series
street of fear 1978 # FearStreet1978 # RuaDoMedo # RuaDoMedo1978 pic.twitter.com/UBvlJZHaej

– Donnie Darko (@ AndrewMedeiro41) July 9, 2021

Watching Rua do Medo 1978 out of nowhere start playing “Carry on Wayward Son” and I just remembered Supernatural and I was so nostalgic✊❤️ # FearStreet1978 # RuadoMedo1978 pic.twitter.com/z0Wqpe66T6

– Henrique (@henrxwque) July 9, 2021

Revision | ‘Rua do Fear – Part 2: 1978’ is a lot BLOODY, creepier and more fun than the 1st movie

Remember that the third and final part, ‘Rua do Medo: 1666’, is due out on July 16.

“Rua do Medo: 1666”: A colonial town is embroiled in a hysterical witch hunt that has had deadly consequences for centuries. In 1994, it was up to a group of teenagers to end the curse.

The cast consists of Gillian Jacobs, Sadie Sink, Ashley Zuckerman, Fred Hechinger, Jeremy Ford, Julia Rehwald, Kiana Madeira, Olivia Welch and Ryan Simpkins.

“Rua do Medo” is a teen horror book series that began in 1989. The novels are less well known than the compiled predecessor, “Goosebumps”. The franchise currently has 52 pounds in Shadyside, Ohio.

Kate Trefry (‘Stranger Things’) is also linked to the productions.

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