Scariest horror movies in history, research reveals

Have you ever wondered what the scariest movie of all time is? Some fans of the genre might bet on the classics ‘The Exorcist’ (1973), ‘The Prophecy’ (1976) and even ‘The Baby of Rosemary’ (1968).

However, scientific research from BroadbandChoices has revealed that “The Entity,” directed by Scott Derrickson, is the horror film that causes the most psychological and emotional instability in viewers.

The research titled “Science of Dread Project” was applied to 50 people of different ages, who watched over 100 hours of films in the genre.

By tracking heartbeats, researchers were able to determine the 50 scariest movies in movie history, and “The Entity” topped the list.

The average resting heart rate was 65 beats per minute, and during Derrickson’s film 95% of viewers hit between 84 and 86 BPM.

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Second place went to “ Supernatural ” (2010), by director James Wan, which raised the audience’s pulse to 80 BPM, but it was the movie that got the highest score in jumping scenes. of fear (when an unexpected fear occurs), increasing rate to 133 BPM.

In addition, two other Wan films made it to the Top 10, such as “Invocation of Evil” and “Invocation of Evil 2”.

Discover the Top 10:

1) ‘The entity’
2) “Supernatural”
3) ‘Invocation of evil’
4) ‘hereditary’
5) “ Paranormal activity ”
6) ‘Chain of Evil’
7) ‘Invocation of evil 2’
8) ‘The Babadook’
9) ‘Abyss of fear’
10) ‘The visit’

With a budget of just US $ 03 million, “The Entity” has been a commercial success, earning US $ 87.7 million worldwide.

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