‘Scott Pilgrim Against the World’ acclaimed adaptation debuts on Netflix!

The acclaimed adaptation “Scott Pilgrim Against the World” was finally released in the Brazilian Netflix catalog.

In the fantasy storyline, a young man has to defeat a girl’s seven wicked ex-boyfriends to win her heart.

Check out the trailer:

Released in 2010, ‘Scott Pilgrim Against the World’ is an adaptation of the eponymous comic book written by Bryan Lee O’Malley and published from 2004.

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In the plot, Scott Pilgrim (Wax) is a lazy young Canadian who dreams of winning the world with his garage rock band Sex Bob-Omb. Throughout the film, he falls in love with delivery girl Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), but to convince her, he must defeat his seven ex-boyfriends, called “ The League of Seven Evil Ex-boyfriends. ”

Sadly, the feature only grossed $ 48 million worldwide, on a budget of $ 85 million.

Despite this, it won 82% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

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