See ALL titles that will be REMOVED from Netflix on December 1st

Netflix is ​​constantly revamping its lineup and just as several titles will be arriving soon in December, a host of other productions will also be phased out.

And on December 1, more than 40 films and series bid farewell to the streaming platform. Future deleted ones include “300: Rise of the Empire,” “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” “Black Hawk in Distress,” as well as the critically acclaimed drama “The Judge”.

Asu Maré! of them
300: The Rise of the Empire
60 days infiltrated in prison – All episodes
on the way to the airport
the gang is on the ground
The Curse of Oak Island – All Episodes
Settlement of accounts – All episodes
Across Grace Alley
Be someone – Simple as love
Black Butler: Black Butler
Thrill seekers: beyond the limits
blind, deaf and mad
Hard to kill
Won’t break my heart 2
Doris, rediscover love
she remembers, he forgets
Black Hawk in Distress
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Intervention – All episodes
Jack Reacher – The Last Blow
The sun’s Teardrops
Mad Max: The Road to Fury
Nekfeu – Wandering Stars
Thousand Rupees Note
The Spectacular Spider-Man 2 – The Threat of Electro
Le Grand Gonzalez – All episodes
The judge
The Universe – All episodes
the violinist
One direction is us
Current operation
the 100 goodbye
People, places and things
Four brothers
Richard Pryor: in concert
Really Connect – All Episodes
the bronze
little Mermaid
The Rap Game – All Episodes
Press three times
Triumph in the clouds
Zig and Sharko: Season 2

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