See the stars who played the BIG VILLAGES of cinema without makeup

We love horror movies. And one of the coolest things in the genre is being afraid of this sinister creature whose sole purpose seems to be to shiver up to the back of his neck. Every horror work has its antagonist and the grace for the audience is to hate it with all their might. Well, until we meet their performers, often nice and likable characters and some even making fans want to invite them over. Truly!

With this in mind, CinePOP, with the help of our colleagues at Imdb, decided to unmask some of the most famous “ghosts” in horror films – or would it be more appropriate to “take off”. Come to know the true identity of these monsters.

Pennywise (It – The Thing)

It – The Thing was a huge success in 2017, and its squad shouldn’t be far behind. In the film, the haunting comes in the form of Pennywise the Clown, who was almost played by actor Will Poulter (from Familia do Bagulho). The creepy clown, however, was immortalized by Bill Skarsgard, son of actor Stellan Skarsgard.

Valak (The Nun)

The demon nun Valak first appeared in Invocation of Evil 2 (2016) and was so successful that she ended up having her own movie. Out of habit, the creepy creature is actress Bonnie Aarons, whose androgynous quality and rugged features have ensured her the perfect form (with the addition of makeup books, of course) to pose as the atheist nun.

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Samara (The Call)

This one will make many fat guys surprised, going slobbery. The obsessive Samara, the Girl Out of the Well, caused a stir with films in the The Calling franchise, including the 2002 premiere for the Tormented Girl, whose form was chilling. Aside from the heavy makeup, however, the character was played by angelic Daveigh Chase, who grew up to be a beautiful woman. I bet there will be many who want to take the call.

Kayako (The Scream)

Recently, these two haunts met in a very Freddy VS Jason movie (2003). What’s going on is that Kayako and Sadako (as Samara is known in her original Japanese version) are two true icons of Japanese horror, just like Freddy and Jason are for American slashers. In Call vs. O Cry from 2016 (or Sadako Vs Kayako in the original), the two finally meet. Before that, however, Kayako established himself in Ju-on, the original Japanese film, its sequel, its American remake, and its sequel. And the best, still played by the same actress, Takako Fuji.

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Freddy Krueger (Nightmare Hour)

Speaking of Freddy Krueger, the villain with the razor-sharp claws and scorched face is possibly the most memorable demon in all of horror movies. And you what do you think ? So much so that from an antagonist, the guy who inhabits the dreams of his victims became the protagonist, stealing the show and having more and more fun – which only gained his popularity. In all of the films in the franchise, the character has been played by actor Robert Englund – who was only replaced in the 2010 remake.

Pinhead (Hellraiser – Reborn from Hell)

In the 1980s, one of the most disgusting horror works of the era was this self-directed adaptation of Clive Barker’s book. Like Freddy Krueger, one character would become extremely popular in the film, returning with each sequel and gaining more and more space. This is the creature called Cenobita, some sort of demon who leads a group like him, straight out of hell. The studded-faced creature was quickly dubbed Pinhead by fans. In the film and its sequels, he was played by actor Doug Bradley.

Esther (The Orphan)

Turn and move, we mention this movie here in a listing. In other words, if you haven’t seen it yet, run to see. It is quite true that the “upholstered” girl Esther, protagonist of the film, does not wear make-up. But her sweet little lane, with nibbles, throughout the film until its conclusion will gain some creepy new aspects (without wanting to spoil it). In any case, its interpreter, actress Isabelle Fuhrman, who has disappeared and did not deserve it, has grown to become a beautiful young woman. It’s a similar case to what happened with Samara in The Call.

Thomas (The orphanage)

Well we had two scary girls turned into beautiful women on the roster, now is the time to show off a scary little boy who has turned into an idol looking boy as well. Here, we are talking about a cult film, which deserved much more attention and which we do not talk about as much as it should be. This is O Orfanato, a 2007 Spanish horror film, directed by none other than JA Bayona, a filmmaker who would come to commission great works such as O Impossível (2012) and Jurassic World: Reino Ameaçado (2018) . In the film, an orphanage is haunted by strange characters, among them the little boy Tomás, who wears a mask made of a bag and loves to lock others up in the bathroom. The boy was played by actor Óscar Casas, who grew up a lot.

The Creeper (Hungry Eyes)

Another big fan favorite, the Creeper is the predatory creature from the Hungry Eyes films, produced by Francis Ford Coppola. The monster that inhabits the small roads, ready to feed for years or even years, is a humanoid being, who wears clothes, but when the time comes, he shows his true face: a kind of human bat, looking slimy skin and large wings. They never explain where it came from, but behind the makeup, the creeper was played by actor Jonathan Breck in the three films released.

Dren (Splice – The New Species)

Speaking of winged creatures, this one came out of a lab, coming to life after being created by two scientists. “Doctors Frankenstein” played by Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody create a little being and watch it evolve into a little girl. The couple ends up “adopting” their creation. But as she grows up and takes on female forms, she becomes more and more aggressive and unstable. Despite the makeup, the very feminine creature was embodied by the beautiful French model Delphine Chanéac.

The Elf (The Elf)

Jennifer Aniston is the star of Friends comedy and romantic films of the past decades. But she is also the star of The Goblin (1993), horror B which delighted orphan aficionados of Jason and Freddy in the 1990s. Don’t you believe it? Look around. The Duende has become one of the cult figures of horror films, however he only reigned in the video market. In the first six films (that’s right), until 2003 the character was played by Warwick Davis, an actor who rose to prominence for films such as Willow – In the Land of Magic (1988) and Harry Potter.

Pennywise (It – A Masterpiece of Fear)

Before chasing the Losers Club in 2017 in theaters, clown Pennywise chased the Losers Club in 1990 on television. Yes, the creepy clown’s first appearance was in a miniseries that served as an adaptation of Stephen King’s work. In production, the creature was immortalized as the talented Tim Curry, eternal Dr. Frank-N-Furter from the cult The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975).

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