Series that continued after the departure of its protagonists

Many fans have suffered from the departure of Justin Chambers (Alex Karev) in Grey’s Anatomy, a series that has suffered many major releases in recent years … But at least production continues with its protagonist: Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Gray) . Other series have not been so lucky …

Taking advantage of the farewell atmosphere, CinePOP decided to remind a few times that important series continued even after the surprising departure of its main characters. And, to start, we report a very recent case … Here is the list!


The news fell like a bomb for Superstore fans at the end of February. It has been announced that America Ferrara will not be returning for the sixth season of production. The fact was a big surprise, since Amy Sosa is the protagonist of the saga. Much of the plot involves the character, from her relationship with Jonah to the professional rise in the store. In addition, Ferrara has worked as an actress, producer and director on the series. It will be hard to imagine this store without Amy. No coincidence, many are betting that the sixth season will be the last in production.

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The Walking Dead is one of those series with many hearts and characters, in which it is difficult to name a single protagonist. But little doubt remains that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) was the common thread running through the series’ narrative until his departure in the ninth season. It’s true that production was already slipping when the actor decided to jump, but that doesn’t mean the timing didn’t have an impact. It’s important to remember that Rick doesn’t die on stage and will be appearing in a movie trilogy. Meanwhile, TWD continues its tenth season, already renewed for the next one, and with no plans for an end.


One of the least meaningful ideas in sitcom history was to continue Two And A Half Men without Charlie Sheen. Of course, Jon Cryer’s role was important, but the whole storyline centered around Sheen. He was the center of attention and one of the highest earners on American television at the time. After much controversy in his personal life and backstage fights, the actor ended up being fired from production. Chuck Lorre even managed to hire a big name to take his place, Ashton Kutcher. But it’s never been the same. Mila Kunis’ husband has starred in the last four seasons of the series.


Here we have a case that had everything to look like Two And A Half Men. Steve Carell was the big name of The Office. In fact, the series wasn’t canceled just in its first season due to the strength of the actor, star of hits like The 40 Year Old Virgin. But it helped the show that the story never centered around a few characters and that the release was planned in advance, not a sudden firing. Michael Scott’s departure was traumatic for fans. For a while, it looked like the series wouldn’t survive. But he managed to turn the tide and deliver a very effective last season. Carell returned for part of the final episode. It was hard not to be moved.


A bomb fell on Storybrooke during the seventh and final season of Once Upon a Time. The series featured the departures of Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Jared Gilmore, and Emilie de Ravin, and basically started all over again. It is clear that Lana Parrilla followed in the series, but the departure of the group, especially Morrison, was something very shocking to fans of the production. No coincidence, a lot of people prefer to pretend that the seventh season didn’t happen. After all, OUAT without Emma Swan is not OUAT.


The scrubs were due to end at the end of the eighth season, but the good audience numbers allowed a renewal for the ninth year. It turns out that part of the cast had no contract for the same, nor interest in continuing. Thus, the series has arrived in its final year without the protagonist Zach Braff. The result, moreover, was terrible. Everyone quickly realized that nothing made sense anymore, and fans had to see the series they loved end in a melancholy way.


Connie Britton is a nightmare for the stability of the series. Twice he left the productions despite playing the protagonist role. So it was with the recent 9-1-1, when he didn’t come back for the second season. But the most striking case was in another production: Nashville. The actress was one of the main names in the cast and left the same in the fifth season of production. Fans of the show had just seen him saved from a cancellation when they came to terms with the death of Rayna Jaymes. The show was never the same after that.


Another traumatic exit. Not many believed it when Nina Dobrev announced the departure of The Vampire Diaries at the end of the sixth season. The departure of the actress represented not only the departure of Elena, but also of Katherine, Amara and Tatia. In addition, interest in the trajectory of brothers Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) has waned. Dobrev returned for a cameo in the final episode of the production.


This’ 70s show suffered two massive losses in its home stretch: Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace. Ashton was the first to leave for a film career, but he still appeared in some episodes of the eighth and final season. Topher leaves production at the end of the seventh year and only returns to an end in the last episode. Here we are highlighting Grace because there is no doubt that he was the protagonist of the series. As much as there were multiple characters, the entire main story arc involves Eric Forman. The plot takes place at his home, involves his friends, neighbor / girlfriend and parents. It was very strange going through a whole season without him, especially since the show tried to insert a character who was practically a copy: Randy (Josh Meyers).


Known in Brazil as the Medical Service, ER had countless characters, in the best style of Grey’s Anatomy. But it was also clear to everyone what the main arc was in the show’s early years. And that is precisely what implicated Doug Ross, a doctor played by George Clooney. The actor remained until the sixth season of production, when he could no longer reconcile his work with his interests in cinema. After leaving the series, he became a real Hollywood star. Over time, ER got used to saying goodbyes. But none were as striking as Clooney’s at first. The actor returned for a role in the final episode.


It’s a hard case to believe … How did anyone think it would be a good idea to continue with the X-Files without David Duchovny? The series has always focused on the dynamic between Agent Fox Mulder and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), so it was very strange that Duchovny left the series in season eight, only making a few cameos. Many fans of the series abandoned it at the time. Fortunately, the actor returned for the films and for the new seasons of the production.


Okay, fans of the books were already expecting it, but for the uninformed, nothing was more impactful than the death of Sean Bean even in the first season of Game of Thrones. He was not only the protagonist of the series, but also the most famous actor in the cast. Such a farewell in a first season was quite shocking. And it showed fans that no one is safe in GOT, something that has grown over the years. Unlike most cases, Ned Stark’s death helped the story move forward. It was impressive, but it was also important to continue the saga.


Narcos became known as the Pablo Escobar series. In this sense, it was very curious that the production had an entire season (the third) already after the death of the character played by Wagner Moura, not to mention the spin-off Narcos: Mexico. Pablo dies at the end of the second season. As a result, the series was forced to reinvent itself, focusing its entire story on Agent Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal) ‘s struggle against the growth of the Cali cartel. In addition to Moura, Boyd Holbrook was another not to return for the third year of production.


On the eve of filming for the sixth season of House of Cards, behind the scenes of the production received the grandiose news of a harassment report involving Kevin Spacey. Gradually, at the start of the Me Too movement, other accusations emerged, either of harassment or moral abuse. With that, Netflix decided to break with its protagonist. Initially, the series would be canceled, but the company decided to invest in a final season with Robin Wright. The change of focus from Frank to Claire Underwood was very symbolic in the face of all events.


A lot of people got to know The Panthers because of the movies, but it’s always good to remember that they were TV icons first and foremost. Aired between 1976 and 1981, Charlie’s Angels launched Farrah Fawcett to stardom. Interestingly, the actress took part in less than a third of the production’s episodes. That’s because she decided to quit at the end of the show’s first season. At the time, there was a lot of talk that she was looking for more recognition in theaters, in addition to not being satisfied with her salary on television.

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