Sharon Stone reportedly advised to sleep with a casting partner to improve chemistry with him

Veteran actress Sharon Stone promises big revelations in her upcoming memoir, titled “The Beauty of Living Twice.”

And in some clips shared exclusively by Vanity Fair magazine, Stone reveals that he was advised to sleep with the co-star of one of his films, so the chemistry between them on the stage could be better.

Without revealing the names of the professionals involved, of the film and of the actor in question, she detailed the whole situation, pointing out that a producer had called her to her office, suggesting such an attitude:

“He explained to me why I should have sex with my casting mate, so we can have some chemistry on the stage. Because in his time, he would have made love with Ava Gardner on stage and that would have been so great! Now just his disgusting thought in the same environment as Ava Gardner made me pause.

Stone also pointed out the privileged treatment an actor, considered talentless, received in front of an actress:

“You insisted on this actor when he failed to get an entire scene in his audition… Now do you think if I slept with him he will become a good actor?” No one is so good in bed. I felt they could have hired another talented actor, someone who could deliver the scene and remember their lines. I also thought that they themselves could have sex with him and leave me out. My job was to act and that’s what I said ”.

As a result of this conflict, the actress also considered that she was considered “difficult” to work.

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It’s worth remembering that the actress’ most recent work was in “ Ratched, ” a Ryan Murphy’s series that serves as a pre-sequence to the classic “ A Stranger in the Nest. ”

In 1947, young Mildred Ratched (Sarah Paulson) began her professional career in the mental health system. However, over the years, she went from being a simple nurse to being a true monster, carrying out a series of murders.

The cast also consists of Cynthia Nixon, Jon Jon Briones, Charlie Carver, Judy Davis, Harriet Harris, Hunter Parrish, Amanda Plummer, Corey Stoll and Finn Wittrock.

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