‘Shotgun Wedding’: Sonia Braga to play Jennifer Lopez’s mother in comedy

According to Variety, Brazilian Sonia Braga (“Bacurau”) has joined the cast of the action comedy “Shotgun Wedding”. She will play the mother of Jennifer Lopez’s character (“The Scammers”), who will star in the feature film.

Additionally, Josh Duhamel (‘Transformers’) has been officially confirmed in the cast. He will replace actor Armie Hammer (“Call me by your name”), who left production after several allegations of sexual abuse and cannibalism.

The cast will also include Jennifer Coolidge (“American Pie”), who will play Duhamel’s mother.

Jason Moore (“The Perfect Choice”) will be responsible for directing from a screenplay signed by Mark Hammer and Liz Meriwether.

In the movie, “Darcy (Lopez) and Tom reunite their beloved but difficult families for their marriage just as the couple start to get worried.” As if that weren’t enough, everyone’s lives are in danger when the entire celebration is taken hostage. The phrase “until death do us part” takes on new meaning in this adrenaline-fueled adventure filled with hilarious moments, as Darcy and Tom must save those they love – if they don’t kill each other. ‘on board “.

Ryan Reynolds enters as executive producer.

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