“SING 2”: Listen to the OFFICIAL soundtrack for the sequel, which features Anitta, Halsey and U2!

Universal Pictures announced today (20) that the soundtrack for “SING 2” is now available on major streaming platforms.

The original music compilation features the voices of Anitta, Halsey, U2, Tori Kelly, Keke Palmer, Pharrell Williams and many more.

Listen to some of the previews below:

The production will be released in national theaters on January 6.

Enjoy watching:

Written and directed by Garth Jennings, the film is the sequel to the hit “Sing – Who Sings Your Males Amazes”.

The new chapter in the animated Illumination franchise returns with big dreams and spectacular hit songs, as koala Buster Moon and his star cast prepare to unleash their most dazzling stage performance yet … in the glittering capital of the world entertainment. There’s just one catch: they must first convince the world’s most reclusive rock star – played in the original version by legendary music icon Bono in his animated debut – to join them.

The Brazilian dub will feature the voices of Sandy, Fiuk, Sandy, Wanessa Camargo, Any Gabrielly, Lexa, Fábio Jr. and Paulo Ricardo.

Make sure you watch:

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