‘SING 2’ Raised Nearly $ 200 Million Worldwide

Although it has already been broadcast on VOD in North America, the “SING 2” sequel continues to be successful in theaters, where it has already grossed nearly $ 200 million worldwide.

In the United States, the feature has grossed $ 109 million, which is the BIGGEST domestic animation revenue since the start of the pandemic. On the international market, it was $ 81.8 million.

In total, the production has already garnered 190.8 million dollars worldwide.

Written and directed by Garth Jennings, the film is the sequel to the hit “Sing – Who Sings Your Males Amazes”.

The new chapter in the animated Illumination franchise returns with big dreams and spectacular hit songs, as koala Buster Moon and his all-star cast prepare to release their most dazzling stage performance yet … in the glittering capital of Canada. world entertainment. There’s just one catch: they must first convince the world’s most reclusive rock star – played in the original version by legendary music icon Bono in his animated debut – to join them.

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The Brazilian dub will feature the voices of Sandy, Fiuk, Sandy, Wanessa Camargo, Any Gabrielly, Lexa, Fábio Jr. and Paulo Ricardo.

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