Sleep paralysis evokes entity in ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ horror trailer [EXCLUSIVO]

CinePOP EXCLUSIVELY releases the captioned trailer and national horror poster “Don’t Close Your Eyes” (Come True).

Distributed by Synapse Distribution, the film hits digital platforms for purchase and rental on April 28.

A rebellious teenager, plagued by sinister nightmares, seeks the help of academic research to get rid of her nighttime troubles, but she ends up becoming a channel for a frightening discovery …

Watch the trailer:

Directed by Anthony Scott Burns (“Field of Fear”), who also signs the screenplay with Daniel Weissenberger (“Sadistic Assassins”), the thriller brings elements of science fiction and plunges into the character’s subconscious to illustrate the mystery of dreams and nightmares.

Enjoy watching:

Burns says he reflected classics of the genre to direct the film.

“The film is my passion project and I will work tirelessly to make it a classic of the genre.”

The filmmaker also reveals which masters of cinema inspired him: Nicolas Roeg, William Friedkin, Stanley Kubrick and David Cronenberg.

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