“Socorro, Virei uma Menina”: the national comedy conquers Netflix subscribers; Check out the reactions!

The national comedy ‘Socorro, Virei Uma Menina’ entered the Netflix catalog just three days ago and has already entered the platform’s top 10, in 3rd position.

In the plot written by Paulo Cursino, the shy Júlio (Victor Lamoglia) sees a shooting star and wishes to be the most popular person in the school. The next day, he ends up swapping bodies with Júlia (Thati Lopes), the most popular girl in the school.

Along with telling a light and relaxed story, the feature spreads to subscribers of the platform due to its sentimental tone.

On social networks, several Internet users praise the production, claiming that the plot is capable of making you laugh and cry at the same time.

Check out the reactions:

Help I became a girl is one of the best movies I have ever seen

– (@hf_pfv) March 25, 2021

I laugh with the movie “Help, I became a girl”

– Kah (@KamillaaCalvet) March 25, 2021

Enjoy watching:

Dehydrated with this relief ending I became a girl
What a mass movie

– Ana (@anabsoal) March 25, 2021

I put the Netflix movie “Socorro, Became a Girl” thinking it was going to be a silly movie and I’m destroyed

– evanya (@evanyacsilva) March 25, 2021

this movie “help, I became a girl” is a man of comedy, a little silly but I laugh when I cry

– m (@warixnne) March 25, 2021

this movie “help i became a girl” is awesome kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

– mandinha (@amandapiagi) March 25, 2021

Help me become a girl in 3 on Netflix that the child deserves I cry with emotion pic.twitter.com/3UhOsS86YZ

– Gabi (@ gavassi130) March 25, 2021

Help, I have become a girl!

Dude is the best, the best brazilian movie, I spent all night laughing

– (@Vitoria_CRamos) March 25, 2021

My God this peefeitoooo movie besides talking about the fault of the stars has a great story and of course @manugavassi look at Socorro, I became a girl! On Netflix

– isa (@isasanchees_) March 25, 2021

this movie “help to become a girl” is VERY good to crack kkkkk

– Marina. (@marinacomenta) March 25, 2021

“Help, I have become a girl!” It’s one of the best national movies I’ve ever seen in my life, shit too. Intelligent comedy, a drama that moves everyone, genius and super well-developed story. Watch on Netflix, the movie is really good.

– Jp (@ Velloso_1) March 25, 2021

I just looked at the help, I became a girl that’s fine❤

– ☂︎ (@ karihma2) March 25, 2021

I went to see help, I became a laughing girl I ended up crying like a delay

– julia (@_julops) March 25, 2021

cry horrors with “help I became a girl”
AAA very serious people

– sunshine❾¾ (@_littlesunshy) March 25, 2021

Help, I have become a girl! It’s in my top 10 Brazilian movies
What a delicious movie

– Leyd (@Leeeyd) March 25, 2021

Watch the trailer:

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