Soldier deserted for love in the LEGENDED trailer for “The Face of Truth”; Check it out!

The drama “Face of Truth” (Little Kingdom) has a captioned trailer.


Peter Magat is responsible for the management.

A soldier named Jack is on the battlefield and, after receiving a letter from his beloved wife Eva, leaves his military unit, crosses the field and finds the valley where Eva lives. There, Jack finds work, dreaming of Eva and creating his own home and having a baby. Suddenly, the secret police appear. To make matters worse, Bar, the cruel owner of a local factory, takes an interest in Eva and will do everything in his power to ward off Jack.

Enjoy watching:

The cast includes Alicia Agneson, Brian Caspe, Mark Fleischmann, David Hartl, Ján Jackuliak, Kristína Kanátová, Amy Loughton and Klara Mucci.

In Brazil, the feature film will be broadcast directly on video by A2 Filmes.

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