“Soul”: Artist posts concept images of acclaimed Pixar animation; Check out!

On her official Twitter artist Ana Ramírez González posted official concept images for her latest film: Pixar’s acclaimed animation, “Soul.”

The photos show the first sketches of pre-life souls, including 22 (Tina Fey). The designs are strongly inspired by the works of Wassily Kandinsky and Joan Miró.


Pop Quiz: How well do you know the cast of #PixarSoul?

Disney and Pixar’s Soul is now streaming on #DisneyPlus! pic.twitter.com/PA9FFM7EdP

– Walt Disney Studios (@DisneyStudios) December 26, 2020

Enjoy watching:

In the plot, Joe Garner is a high school music teacher who dreamed of becoming a jazz musician and ultimately got the chance to impress other musicians during an open rehearsal at the Half Note Club. However, an accident causes your soul to separate from your body and transport to “You Seminar”, a center in which souls develop and acquire passions before being transported to a newborn baby. Joe must work with trained souls, like 22, a soul with a dark outlook on life after being imprisoned for years at You Seminar, in order to return to Earth.

Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey lead the main cast, bringing Professor Joe Gardner and the soul known as 22 to life, respectively. Questlove, Daveed Diggs, Angela Bassett and Phylicia Rashad also lend their voices to the feature film.

Additionally, the film will be primarily music driven, bringing in names such as Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Jon Baptiste for an original soundtrack with strong ties to jazz.

Pete Docter and Ken Powers are the directors.

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