‘Spawn’: Jason Blum reveals he’s ‘polishing the story’ of reboot

In an interview with Inverse, producer Jason Blum said he’s still developing the reboot of “ Spawn, ” revealing that the process of refining the story is taking longer than expected.

“It is taking longer than expected to refine the story, but we are still working on the project.”

He continues: “It will be very different and modern. What excites me the most is that Spawn is one of the last great comic book characters yet to be explored. So this is a perfect opportunity. “

The reboot will be led by Todd McFarlane.

Jamie Foxx will play the anti-hero. Jeremy Renner will play Twitch, a detective allied to the anti-hero. Twitch is rumored to serve as the central character of the plot, while Spawn will have a lower stake.

So far we know the feature will be produced by Blumhouse.

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