‘Spawn’: Michael Jai White would love to make an appearance on reboot

“Spawn: The Soldier from Hell” was adapted for film in 1997 and featured martial artist Michael Jai White as the main character.

And now that Jamie Foxx’s reboot is taking shape after more than five years in development, White has said he’d love to make a point in the film.

Speaking of the comics, he brought up the topic by praising the work of anti-hero creator Todd McFarlane.

“I love the perseverance of Todd McFarlane [em trazer o personagem de volta ao cinema], he created this character so original, mysterious and acclaimed. I am delighted to see the new version. “

He continued:

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“I think my time [de viver o personagem] already passed, but I would like to make a point in this film out of respect for the fans because they put me where I am today.

So, do you think White could play another version of Spawn and pass the cloak to Foxx?

Previously, McFarlane had confirmed to CCXP Worlds that production on the reboot was going full steam ahead and that he intended to come to Brazil for the launch.

“We made a lot of progress during the pandemic … I can’t reveal much, but whatever happens, when the film opens, I’m going to Brazil!” He said, according to IGN .

Additionally, he confirmed that Foxx and Jeremy Renner remained connected to the project and were very excited about the progress of production.

“The cast for the film is huge and fans will be very excited about it. Jamie is more anxious than I am, he has embraced the project and is very confident.

For those who don’t know, Foxx will bring CIA agent Al Simmons to life, who later becomes the Soldier of Hell after being forced to pay for his sins in life in order to see his wife again.

Renner will bring Detective Twitch Williams to life, a brilliant mathematician who uses his knowledge in angles to become a skilled sniper … until he begins to discover that bullets have no effect on the supernatural. .

Previously, producer Jason Blum told Inverse that the process of refining the story is taking longer than expected.

“It is taking longer than expected to refine the story, but we are still working on the project.”

He continued:

“It will be very different and modern. What excites me the most is that Spawn is one of the last great comic book characters yet to be explored. So this is a perfect opportunity. “

Recalling that the feature film will be written and directed by McFarlane.

As of yet, there is still no preview of the debut.

Todd McFarlane

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