“Spencer”: film starring Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana DELAYED in Brazil

Originally slated for release in national theaters on November 11, ‘Spencer’ is still not slated for a release in Brazil.

The Princess Diana biopic premiered today on digital platforms in the US, prompting fans to revolt against the film’s delay in news here and place the title on Trending Topics. here.

CinePOP reached out to Diamond Films advisers, who confirmed that the film still does not have a release date.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the feature film directed by Pablo Larraín (“LOVE: Lisey’s Story”) has garnered 86% of critical approvals, with 6 positive reviews and only one negative so far.

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Xan Brooks, the Guardian

Kristen Stewart is totally attractive in the title role. She has a goofy, polite act like Diana, and that’s exactly what it should be when you consider that Diana herself did a goofy and polite act herself, embellishing her innate elegance with shavings of studied flirtation. When she collapsed she lost her balance, it was like looking at a perfect woman who is actually imperfect. But Stewart effectively captures the agony of a woman so programmed and isolated that she feels she has no escape and has lost sight of who she is.

Owen Gleiberman, Variety

Kristen Stewart doesn’t just play the role of actor (although at acting level she is excellent). It transforms; it changes your appearance, your rhythm, your karma. Watching her play Diana, we see an echo, perhaps, of the very ambivalent relationship of

Pete Hammond, deadline

I have no words to describe Stewart’s performance, moving from feeling like an incredibly well-told figure to beautifully attaining the essence of who she was. It’s an exhilarating, bitter, poignant, and utterly astonishing twist, taking Diana down paths we haven’t seen as depicted in this mesmerizing portrait.

Guy Lodge, Weekend

Choosing Stewart, another secret celebrity who knows the obsessive and bossy glow of fandom better than most, is inspiring. Not only is her performance a completely transformative feat of mimicry, though she paid special attention to Diana’s posture and pose, in particular. Instead, it’s an ironic and empathetic evocation of a woman somehow stuck in her inner and outer life, frozen in the hallway – before running to the fire escape.

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2016’s “Jackie,” also directed by Larraín, starred Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy and the role later earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

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