“ Spider-Man 3 ”: actors were forbidden to talk about the film, reveals Alfred Molina

One of the most anticipated 2021 premieres, “ Spider-Man 3 ” (“ Spiderman: No Way Home ”), has been the subject of much speculation by Marvel fans, due to the possibility of the return of actors Andrew Garfield. and Tobey Maguire as a neighborhood friend.

And in a recent interview with Variety magazine, star Alfred Molina revealed details of his return to the franchise, noting that Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have even banned actors from talking about the film:

“When we were doing No Way Home, we were all under strict orders not to talk about the movie, because everything was supposed to be a big secret. But, you know, it’s all on the Internet. And in fact, I describe my comeback as Hollywood’s worst-kept secret.

The veteran took it a step further and revealed that when he asked director Jon Watts how his character would return to the plot, after his death in ‘Spider-Man 2’, the filmmaker pointed out that “in this universe, nobody really dies ”.

The villain’s tale is expected to pick up again as he drowns in the East River, to stop his tentacles from destroying New York City.

Recalling that Alfred Molina will be digitally rejuvenated in more than 15 years to resume his role as Doctor Octopus in ‘Spider-Man 3’ (‘Spiderman: No Way Home’).

The character will appear in the new movie with the same look he had in 2004’s “ Spider-Man 2 ”.

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Watch the announcement revealing the official title of the sequel, which opens on December 16, 2021:

Alfred Molina has had his return as Dr.

Zendaya, Jacob Batalon and Marisa Tomei are also returning.

The film is set to follow Peter Parker’s new battle after being publicly exposed by J. Jonah Jameson at the end of “ Spider-Man: Far From Home. ”

Amy Pascal will serve as the producer of the sequel alongside Feige, representing Sony and Marvel respectively.

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