‘Spider-Man 3’: Incredible Fan-Art Presents Updated Version of Iron Spider’s Uniform

Last week, miniature LEGO artwork and images from “Spider-Man: No Return Home” leaked, revealing the new arachnid uniform.

In addition to an updated version of the Iron Spider, the hero will wear a gorgeous dark suit with golden webs running the length of his body.

And the artists at Boss Logic quickly shared some amazing fan art showing Webhead in action in this dark outfit.


So what did you think of the look?

On social media, fans are quite divided over the uniform designs.

Enjoy watching:

While some have welcomed the changes, others still insist on seeing the hero in a costume more similar to the comic book versions.

Check out the reactions:

If you don’t like the new Spiderman costume, please remove me from your circle of friendship and forget about me

– • khoda • (@khodita) July 1, 2021

Okay, apparently it’s confirmed that Spiderman is going to change his costume, but what is this black? https://t.co/b1h7fOWlif

– Teachers Paradox #TeamKapeco (@TeacherParadox) July 2, 2021

I think the spider man costumes are gorgeous

it’s weird to be the only one to think that, the black suit is so good

– joestar (@TOKACHl) July 2, 2021

I’ve never seen such a bland Spiderman costume in a movie https://t.co/OMm9fkUy5L

– Ys complains about Nocturnal zero SMT and P5S (@RysuNo) July 1, 2021

And that new Spider-Man costume in No Way Home that’s a hybrid of the MCU’s Iron Spider with the Iron Spider from the comics. And Lego continues to do the work of advancing the information for us! #SpiderManNoWayHome pic.twitter.com/aCx95iKgCP

– ४ (@sethnakin) July 1, 2021

Definitely the Spider-Man with the ugliest clothes in the movies, only.

And i have no idea how sloppy a black suit with gold linens turned out, in theory it was supposed to be PIKA FUCK VIP PREMIUM BLACK GOLD EDITION but it turned out to be Fuck. https://t.co/JzrTsFvQLn

– Duvis (@ sieredu62) July 2, 2021

I found it beautiful, short red, gold and black. BUT I don’t think that’s a good costume for Spider-Man, I prefer the good old red and blue or even red and black. The gold and spider design reminds me of the Iron Spider, a costume I don’t like very much pic.twitter.com/1heyYHSeZL

– ChrisDeniz (@ ChrisDeniz1) July 1, 2021

I liked the new Spiderman costume.

– Arthur (@ArthuWRLD) July 1, 2021


– william (@ will_douglas13) July 1, 2021

How hard is Marvel to make a faithful Spider-Man costume? https://t.co/IFCIofbIHV

– Sardi (@soueusardi) July 1, 2021

They could stop inventing so much fashion and make a more “Spiderman” costume even pic.twitter.com/MgapVkR7JL

– YouTube’s Aremac (@niikolasbecker) July 1, 2021

I don’t know how people are still in awe of Spiderman getting a new costume
People, Peter change his costume more than I change his clothes

– lu (@lubruhl) July 2, 2021

I don’t know how people are still in awe of Spiderman getting a new costume
People, Peter change his costume more than I change his clothes

– lu (@lubruhl) July 2, 2021

And you, what did you think of the visuals?

The film is expected to follow Peter Parker’s new battle after being publicly exposed by J. Jonah Jameson at the end of “Spider-Man: Away from Home”.

Amy Pascal will act as the producer of the sequel alongside Feige, representing Sony and Marvel respectively.

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