‘Spider-Man 3’: screenwriter reveals how Sony and Marvel deal AFFECTED and changed the sequel

In an interview with DiscussingFilm, screenwriter Chris McKenna revealed how the temporarily broken deal between Sony Pictures and Marvel affected the plot development of the sequel “Spider-Man: No Return Home”.

“We were determined to continue the tale of revealing Spider-Man’s identity. We weren’t sure if the film would be a partnership between Sony and Marvel, or if we would return as writers. How were we going to write the script without working with Marvel and the MCU? We only knew we were going to take back the ‘Far From Home’ brackets. Would Peter be arrested? Is he a fugitive?

He adds, “There was a lot of doubt, because we didn’t know if we could use the other Marvel characters. We started discussing some ideas with Sony and [produtora] Amy Pascal prior to the conclusion of the agreement with Disney. We just tried to pick up where the previous movie left off. With Peter in his final year of high school, we wanted him to face the issues of a normal teenager. The idea would revolve around how he would graduate from high school … with the possibility of being convicted of murder.

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Directed again by Jon Watts, the cast includes Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch, Marisa Tomei, JK Simmons, Jamie Foxx, Alfred Molina, Martin Starr and Jacob Batalon.

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