“Spider-Man 3”: the writers comment on any HOLES in the script; To verify!

Although “Spider-Man: No Return Home” is praised by fans and critics alike, some audiences insist the film has several script holes.

One of the most talked about is the Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) spell in the film’s final act, when the wizard invokes a spell so everyone can forget who Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is.

That’s because the initial spell went wrong, and every villain in the Multiverse who knew Spider-Man’s identity was about to invade the MCU.

The biggest criticism from the public concerns the small details, such as birth certificates, ID cards, school records… In addition to people who might have photos and data of Peter on their cell phones.

However, screenwriters Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers told Variety that everything about Peter’s identity has been erased from history and he has become a person.

“Obviously, the magic of Strange has to do with anything that involves Peter Parker. We thought that because it was magic it wouldn’t need a very elaborate explanation. We didn’t want people to see it as mathematical formulas, ”Sommers said.

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Peter’s decision to keep his relationship with MJ (Zendaya) and his friendship with Ned (Jacob Batalon) a secret has also upset a lot of people.

However, McKenna argued that this was something audiences had to come to terms with, as it was a hook for the hero’s future on the big screen.

“We get to the point where Peter thinks, ‘I could tell them anything. I can try to bring my friends back. But he knew that the moment he counted, he would immediately return to the point where his loved ones would spend the rest of their lives in danger.

He finished:

“So if people have questions about some of these details that weren’t answered here, we’ll answer them in another movie somewhere in the future …”

Recalling that “Spider-Man: No Return Home” continues to be shown in theaters.

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Directed again by Jon Watts, the cast includes Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch, Marisa Tomei, JK Simmons, Jamie Foxx, Alfred Molina, Martin Starr and Jacob Batalon.

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