‘Spider-Man in Spider-Man 2’: first film’s composer returns for sequel

The production of the sequel to ‘Spider-Man in the Spider-Man’ is taking shape, and the composer of the first feature, Daniel Pemberton, has already confirmed his return for the franchise. The information was disclosed by himself, via Twitter.

Through a thread, he recalled some of the best memories of launching production and took the opportunity to share his enthusiasm to be able to return with a new animated sequence in 2022.

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“Here are the three geniuses of the management of Aranhaverso, Peter, Rodney and Bob in Paris and a rare selfie of mine in front of a huge bus, looking very strange …

See you in 2022 for the new adventure ”.

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… here are the three #SpiderVerse geniuses running Peter, Rodney and Bob in Paris and a rare auto-post from me in front of a massive bus that looks a little awkward ..

.. see you soon in 2022 for the next adventure 👍🕷 pic.twitter.com/wmB4BLB4Ma

– Daniel Pemberton (@DANIELPEMBERTON) December 14, 2020

Recently, producer Christopher Miller revealed that the visual effects team is preparing much more innovative animation techniques for the upcoming film.

“I am very surprised by the development of the innovative artistic techniques that are being developed for ‘Spider-Man in Aranhaverso 2’. This will make the first film weird.

The development of revolutionary new art techniques underway for the upcoming Spider-Verse movie already blows my mind. This will make the first film picturesque

– Christopher Miller (@chrizmillr) July 1, 2020

“ Spider-Man in Spider-Man 2 ” was originally scheduled to hit the big screen on April 8, 2022, but will now be released on October 7 of the same year.

The decision was announced due to the coronavirus pandemic, as the planned timeline for the dubbing process will be affected to prevent the spread of the disease.

Released in 2019, “ Spider-Man in the Spider-Man ” went on to become a critical and public success, raising $ 375 million worldwide, on a budget of $ 90 million.

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