‘Spider-Man Into Spider-Man 2’: Official footage from the footage features a new character; Check out!

Sony Pictures recently released two official images from the sequel to “ Spider-Man in the Spider-Man ”, confirming the presence of a new character: the Japanese Spider-Man.

Born in 1978 in a television series (which lasted 41 episodes), the eastern version of the iconic superhero was played by Takuya Yamashiro, a biker who witnesses a UFO crash on Earth and ends up acquiring some fairly familiar powers. to Peter. Parker – in addition to a bracelet through which the spaceship can be transformed into a giant robot.


It should be remembered that the appearance of the character was confirmed by the writer of the first film, Phil Lord, still in 2019.

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David Callaham signs the script for the sequel. Joaquim dos Santos enters as director, while Lord and Chris Miller meet to oversee the project.

Daniel Pemberton returns as the composer of the soundtrack.

“ Spider-Man Into Spider-Man 2 ” was originally slated to hit the big screen on April 8, 2022, but will now release on October 7 of the same year.

The decision was announced due to the coronavirus pandemic, as the planned timeline for the dubbing process will be affected to prevent the spread of the disease.

Released in 2019, “ Spider-Man in the Spider-Man ” went on to become a critical and public success, raising $ 375 million worldwide, on a budget of $ 90 million.

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