‘Spider-Man’: Tom Holland & Tobey Maguire Switch Bodies in Incredible Deepfake Videos; Check it out!

Deepfake videos are nothing new to internet users, especially when it comes to changing the face of stars who lived Marvel heroes.

And since ‘Spider-Man’ is currently one of the most talked about characters due to the upcoming sequel, a YouTube channel decided to play around with the hero versions.

The video creator took the opportunity to insert Tom Holland’s face into Tobey Maguire’s body and did the same by reversing the situation in another video.

The result was just amazing and it’s a great way to kill Maguire’s desire by imagining him as the MCU’s Peter Parker.

Together, the videos reached over 445,000 views in less than two weeks.


Enjoy watching:

Speaking of which, Tom Holland revealed to Collider that “ Spiderman: No Way Home ” is ending his contract with Sony and Marvel.

“By contract,“ No Way Home ”is my last film. But I already told them that I wanted to play this character for as long as possible because it changed my life for the better, I’m very lucky to be here. If they want me to come back I’ll be there, if they don’t, I’ll be forever grateful for what I’ve been through so far. “

Do you think the studios will renew with the actor or will we have a new Spider-Man?

Additionally, Holland returned to discuss the rumors involving Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s participation in the long-awaited sequel.

“It would be amazing if they were in the movie because Marvel hasn’t told me yet, and I’m Spider-Man and read the script from start to finish. So, it would be a miracle if they managed to hide this from me, but at the moment I can say that there will be no participation from both actors.

He adds, joking about the notoriety of having the loose tongue: “Actually, I’ve reached a point that’s frustrating, because I feel like I’ve progressed. I am a trusted member of the Avengers and have never disclosed any spoilers. Well … just a few. But nothing too big.

The English title is “Spider-Man 3: No Way Home”. (Spider-Man 3: Homeless).

The official title in Portuguese will be released soon.

Watch the ad captioned:

What did you think of the title?

Find out, with the first photos:

Recalling that the film is released in national theaters on December 16, 2021, the day before the US premiere.

Alfred Molina has his return as Dr Octo confirmed

Zendaya, Jacob Batalon and Marisa Tomei are also returning.

The film is expected to follow Peter Parker’s new battle after being publicly exposed by J. Jonah Jameson at the end of “ Spider-Man: Far From Home. ”

Amy Pascal will serve as the producer of the sequel alongside Feige, representing Sony and Marvel respectively.

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