‘Star Wars’: Alden Ehrenreich wants a sequel exploring what happens to Han Solo after the movie

In an interview with Happy Sad Confused, star Alden Ehrenreich, known for playing Han Solo in the prequel “ Solo: A Star Wars Story, ” revealed that he would like to explore what happened to the main character after the events. of the feature film.

“What’s cool is the real pleasure of [Han Solo], my favorite part of the character, is something that comes to life at the end of the movie. That’s when he becomes the guy at the end, the guy we love. So getting there and starting with that is interesting, so let’s see. But I think now they’re doing a lot of things about using “Star Wars” and presenting our stories in a different way. “

The star had already been asked last year if he would like to reprise the role, but his response was elusive.

“It depends. It depends on the story, how it would be done. I think it would have to be something that fits the saga, you know?” He told Comic Book. “Solo »Opened the doors of several stories, like the group of desert assailants, the sect of Darth Maul, the fate of Qi’ra… But I don’t know [se há interesse me contar essas histórias].

Sadly, the feature only grossed $ 392 million worldwide, on a budget of $ 275 million.

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Yet some avid fans still insist on seeing a possible continuation.

To try to convince Lucasfilm to invest in the sequence, some Internet users have launched a campaign with the tag # MakeSolo2Happen (Make Solo 2 Happen).


# MakeSolo2Happen I would personally like to see a solo sequel. Especially to learn more about Qi’ra! pic.twitter.com/gJzJiX5tke

– sithlordolivia (@sithlordolive) May 25, 2020

“I would love to see a ‘Solo’ sequence. Especially to learn more about Qi’ra. “

Our family is ready to # MakeSolo2Happen, aren’t they? pic.twitter.com/SB94colE2j

– Adam Odle (@OdleAdam) May 25, 2020

“Our family is ready for the future. And yours?

A suite would make a nice addition to my collection. # MakeSolo2Happen pic.twitter.com/grC5OZsY0A

– Phil Walsh (@ PhilWalsh603) May 25, 2020

“The ‘Solo’ sequence would be a nice addition to my collection.”

Solo doesn’t deserve all the hatred he elicits. # MakeSolo2Happen pic.twitter.com/sLLRU7Qptc

– All Star Wars (@ EverythingSW66) May 25, 2020

“‘Solo’ doesn’t deserve all this hate [dos fãs]. ”

# MakeSolo2Happen Because of this image pic.twitter.com/jq5DbmAiTl

– J̳a̳m̳e̳s̳ | (@jamessoIo) May 25, 2020

“This scene shows how badly we need a streak.”

Solo is such an underrated movie. We need a sequel. # MakeSolo2Happen pic.twitter.com/hrglsglcp9

-. (@Bpslsl) May 25, 2020

“Solo” is an underrated film. We need a sequence.

Solo was the only Disney Star Wars movie that I really got that real Star Wars feeling for and it’s my favorite among new releases, it deserves a sequel # MakeSolo2Happen

Also who could forget this cliffhanger… pic.twitter.com/cCCNsbQo3b

– Ralph (@ralph_perkinsv) May 25, 2020

“Solo” was the only Disney “Star Wars” that awakened this authentic feeling in the saga. It’s my favorite of the new releases and deserves a sequel. Who else can’t forget this hook [do Darth Maul]? “

Despite recording the franchise’s worst box office among films developed by Disney, “ Solo: A Star Wars Story ” earned 70% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

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