‘Star Wars’: Kevin Feige-developed film hires screenwriter for ‘Loki’ and ‘Doctor Strange 2’

According to Deadline, the film in the “Star Wars” franchise that Kevin Feige is developing for LucasFilm has hired a screenwriter.

Michael Waldron, from “Loki” and “Doctor Strange 2”, will be responsible for the adventure storyline, which Feige will develop and produce.

While Disney has yet to confirm this news, the vehicle reports that it is only part of a new deal that Disney has made with Waldron, which would also include bringing him back for the second season of ‘ “ Loki ”.

Chris Evans recently expressed interest in participating in the film by responding to a tweet from Collider, who asked which MCU actors fans would like to see in the production.


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– Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) September 27, 2019

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