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The timeline has received a lot of attention from Disney

The last edition of the Game Awards was held recently, an event commonly referred to as the “Oscar of the gaming world” given its model for choosing the best games by categories, in addition to having the main event of the night which is the game of the year.

Although this is a somewhat new event, its first edition was held in 2014, having the seal of great contemplation, it is already a differential in the industry for any game. Even so, Game Awars doesn’t just live on rewards, there is room for announcing future titles that immediately catch the interest of fans.

In the 2021 edition it was no different and, among the promises of new productions, the new Star Wars game which received the title of Eclipse stood out. Through a cinematic trailer (which does not present the gameplay but rather high-quality predefined sequences), the game developer, French Quantic Dreams, has established in advance that his vision of the famous franchise will have a whole new setting.

The trailer maintained a high standard of Quantic Dreams visuals

The new setting should be the High Republic, also seen as the era when the democracy of the galaxy, as well as the Jedi Order, were at the peak of their influence. Established some 200 years before the original trilogy, the High Republic generally viewed the period as a period of solid peace, meaning that the influence of the Senate was such that any disagreement that arose quickly was resolved peacefully.

Even so, there were the necessary tense situations that cannot be lacking in the franchise, many of them coming from the region of the so-called Outer Rim of the Galaxy. In general terms, the Outer Coast is an area that does not benefit from a large Republic or Jedi presence, therefore it becomes home to many bounty hunters and criminals in general.

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In the proposed timeframe, this region is particularly dangerous, however, in contrast, the Sith threat is virtually non-existent. This is already becoming a differential of this period compared to all the others already depicted. It’s worth mentioning that Eclipse won’t be the first title in the franchise, in games, to tackle a period that moves away from the original trilogies and prequels.

The height of the Jedi Order

In the early 2000s, Bioware released Knights of the Old Republic which also took place in an earlier period, specifically in the Old Republic. The difference between the Old and the High Republic is that the former has a longer spacing, about a thousand years before the original trilogy, and had a very powerful antagonist in the Sith who straddles even the Jedi.

Interestingly, this is not the only approach, planned by Disney, for the aforementioned period this year. In January, the first volume of the saga set in the Haute-République was released as part of a multimedia plan started in 2018 to produce short and closed plots, yet established in this timeline. The second book was released in June, and the third is slated for release in 2022.

In addition to them, there are several news, comics, web series and more, released from the year 2020; thus following the proposal to reach different media simultaneously. There is also the possibility of producing live feature films with the theme as well as the Old Republic.

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