“Star Wars: Rogue Squadron” is written by the screenwriter of “Love and Monsters”

After making history by adapting the stories of “Wonder Woman” for the cinema, Patty Jenkins will be the first woman to direct a film in the “Star Wars” saga.

Entitled “Rogue Squadron”, the film will follow the missions of the space artillery team introduced in “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” (1980).

Earlier this year, Jenkins told Collider the script was almost done, but he couldn’t reveal who was working on the story.

At the time, she said, “I want him to have his own ad so I can’t reveal who he is. I think it’s more appropriate that we all wait until this is revealed.

And, after a long wait, The Hollywood Reporter finally announced that Matthew Robinson (‘Love and Monsters’) was writing the screenplay.

On the flip side, the news doesn’t say whether Robinson was the first screenwriter Lucasfilm had in mind when the project was announced in December of last year.

Regardless, it has been said that Robinson has already started work on the project, which is expected to go into pre-production later this year, before principal photography begins.

Don’t forget that “Love and Monsters” was nominated for an Oscar for Best Visual Effects and was very well received by critics, registering 93% proof, so the news is cause for celebration for fans.

Remember that “Rogue Squadron” should be released in December 2023.

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– Patty Jenkins (@PattyJenks) December 10, 2020

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