‘Stargirl’: Showrunner talks about new heroes coming to season 2

The second season of ‘Stargirl’ opens on The CW on August 10 and promises many twists and turns in the lives of Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) and the other heroes of the new Justice Society of America.

In an interview with SFX Magazine (via GamesRadar), showrunner Geoff Johns addressed the topic and explained that:

“Two DC icons were briefly featured in Season 1: Johnny Thunder’s pink pen and a certain green flashlight. Season 2 gives us a chance to deal with this. These two elements entered very early in history. And where Jade is, her brother Obsidian certainly can’t be far behind… We haven’t seen a character wield the power of the Green Lantern in a long, long time on television. And Thunderbolt has never been adapted for live-action. It was also a big challenge. “

For those who don’t know, Jade is the daughter of Green Lantern Alan Scott, and will be played by Ysa Penarejo, who travels to Blue Valley to live in a republic of Milwaukee.

Thunderbold will be played by Alkoya Brunson as Jakeem Thunder, and Jim Gaffigan will voice Yz, the genius who partners with Jakeem in the comics.

Previously, Johns told Comic Book that adapting Genius for television would be a great way to attract new audiences to follow “Stargirl”.

“There’s a reason a character like Johnny Thunder and Thunderbolt has survived decades, decades and decades. There’s something really interesting about a goddamn pink genie that can do whatever you ask for. We think a lot about the fans and how these characters will connect with them visually, spiritually and emotionally. In addition to attracting new fans and viewers who have never heard of these characters.

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Recalling that the CW has already released the promotional images for the first episode of season 2, entitled “Summer School: Chapter 1”.


Remember that the 3rd season has already been confirmed!

Created by Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti, the series follows the story of Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger), a high school student who joins a group of teenagers to fight crime in Los Angeles.

Amy Smart plays the mother of the heroine, Barbara. In the plot, she does her best to be the best provider of her daughter, new husband (Luke Wilson) and stepson (Trae Romano).

The cast also includes Yvette Monreal, Anjelika Washington, Meg DeLacy, Neil Jackson, Christopher James Baker and Hunter Sansone.

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